5 Tips To Cure The Winter Blues

5 Tips To Cure The Winter Blues


There are a lot of things people love about winter: the snow, the crisp cool air, the hot comfort foods. However, there are also a lot of things that people dislike about winter. One of these things is season affective disorder (SAD). This disorder affects many people in the winter months, causing them to feel sluggish or depressed for no apparent reason. This is a battle that many people feel they just need to suffer through until spring arrives.

No one should have to suffer through symptoms like these. Everyone should be able to enjoy all of the wonderful things about winter without having SAD hold them back. There are a lot of little ways that anyone can reduce or eliminate their SAD symptoms and look forward to enjoying winters more. Here are five tips to cure the winter blues.

Lose Some Extra Weight

Many people have weight management issues throughout the year, but gaining extra weight is most common in the winter months. A lot of the time, people are less active in the winter and eat less healthy foods than they do in the summer. Losing a little weight can make a big difference in anyone’s mood. A little more exercise along with a healthy diet can be the perfect solution to lose those pesky few pounds.

Switch up the Daily Diet

As was mentioned before, people’s diets usually change in the winter. People crave comfort foods, which are usually not the healthiest items. Taking time to make healthier choices can help anyone feel better every day in the winter. Trying foods like oatmeal, veggies and fruit are great ways to boost a person’s mood any day.

Get Some Extra Sun

Many people experience SAD symptoms because of a lack of vitamin D. Vitamin D is most commonly absorbed from sun exposure, so the low light of winter can cause people to experience vitamin D deficiencies. Getting outside or using a light box can be a great way to instantly boost a person’s mood. However, sunscreen should still be worn in the winter and indoor tanning beds should be avoided to prevent skin cancer.

Be More Active

Staying active is important for many aspects of health, including keeping a person’s attitude positive. A little activity every day can help people feel better about their lives and have more energy throughout the day. This can be as simple as a walk around the block or more involved with a 2 hour yoga session every day.

Set a Regular Sleep Schedule

Because the days are shorter, many people feel the need to sleep more in the winter. It may seem like the opposite effect would be true, but this extra sleep can actually cause people to feel more tired throughout the day. Everyone should try to keep the same sleep schedule in the winter time as they do in the summer. This regular schedule will help anyone feel more energized and alert throughout the day.