5 Tips For Streamlining Your Bathroom Renovation


Are you planning to renovate your bathroom in the coming months? Whether you are mapping out a DIY project or working with a contractor, there are a number of things that you can do to simplify the process and make your project go more smoothly. Minimizing your renovation headaches can help you keep your stress levels down through the duration of the renovation, and stay focused on the wonderful end result. After all, your bathroom is going to be beautiful when it’s finished! Here are five tips for streamlining your upcoming bathroom renovation.

Set Your Budget Ahead of Time

One of the biggest pitfalls of any home renovation project is that it can be easy to go overboard with spending. To avoid this, it’s a good idea to establish a set budget before you start demolishing your existing bathroom. Look at your financial situation and then begin pricing out materials to figure out which fixtures, features, and tiles fit into your budget.

Get a Better Sense of which Materials Appeal to You

Chances are you probably have many ideas about how you want your bathroom to look after the renovation is completed. Sometimes the biggest issue is narrowing things down. Take a look online and watch some home shows in order to get a sense of which looks appeal to you the most. This will help provide you with some much needed direction for your upcoming project.

Measure Your Space…Not Once, but Twice

You know the old saying, “Measure twice and cut once”? While you may not necessarily be cutting lumber during your bathroom renovation, it certainly applies here. Most likely, you will be cutting tile, and you will need to know the exact square footage of your space so that you can purchase the right amount of materials. Map out your layout and then measure your space at least twice to make sure everything will fit.

Establish a Timeline

If you are doing a DIY project, always assume that things will take longer than you plan. Before you begin, try to establish a realistic renovation timeline. This will help you stay on track as you are working on your project.

Visit a Specialty Store

While you may be tempted to head to your nearest big box home improvement store to purchase materials for your bathroom renovation, it’s a good idea to resist the urge! Consider visiting a kitchen and bathroom specialty store instead. Chances are they will have a wider selection, and professionals on hand to provide you with guidance for your upcoming renovation project. Schedule your appointment and bring along your budget and your measurements! For more information about how to prepare for your appointment, take a look at this helpful guide from European Sink.

Home renovation projects can be exciting, but poor planning can cause unnecessary stress. If you are thinking about renovating your bathroom, being proactive about the process can help it go more smoothly. Use these tips as guidance in order to get things off on the right foot. Happy home renovating!