5 Perfect Fashion Ideas to Look Classy in 2019


As soon as 2019 started, people got to see outfits that they thought were long forgotten. 2019 is the year of a throwback when every retro and savvy outfit did a comeback with a classier touch. From midi skirts to overalls to boots, each style has now been introduced again. There were times when such outfits were considered necessary but not in this year. This year is all about simplicity and basic look that could help people achieve the look that makes them looks both formal and casual at the same time.  Each year we get to see outfits that look amazing, and we often wonder how this person even came up with this outfit idea but this year you won’t have to. Following are the five perfect fashion ideas that can make anyone look classy and on point:

1. Stripes and lace-up tops

The newest fashion trend that has entered as soon as 2019 started was stripes. Either it’s a stripes pants or single patterned outfits. You can mix and match these stripe pants with any white t-shirt or an off-shoulder to give it a classier touch. Either it’s a formal event or an informal one; you carry these strip outfits anywhere. It creates a unique look with the perfect retro throwback.  Another major trend going on in the fashion world is owning a lace top. It gives you a pretty and classier look. You can pair it up with a high waisted skirt or jeans or the stripe pants; it’s your choice because both ways the shirt has the potential to look amazing. If you don’t have a lace-up top, you’re missing out on a huge trend that entered 2019.

2. Loose cut off jeans and oversized tops.

Styles that have once been trendy made a comeback in 2019. The basic look from the ’60s and the ’70s has come back more classily. You can pair any loose cut off jeans with either heels or platform shoes, and you are good to go. This is perfect fashion ideas that will make you look trendy but will also bring a sense of nostalgia back. And you know what never goes out of style? Over-sized tops. Even Hailey Bieber wore an oversized shirt and paired it up with a sparkly skirt for the after party of the Met Gala event. They are the next go to look, and the best thing about them is that they are very comfortable. They represent simplicity and can be paired with flat sandals just to make it your every day look.

If you pair both loose ripped jeans and oversized tops together, it could result in a daytime outfit that everyone would end up loving.

3. Denim and Bright colors

Anything with denim is supposed to be considered classy in 2019. It gives you a pretty yet rugged look — either its denim jacket or denim overalls. You can always pair up denim overall with a bright t-shirt or any bright colored mini dress, and that could be the perfect go-to look for any occasion. It’s an ideal outfit for summers.

4. Midi skirt and Leather jackets

Midi skirts lost their way back in the fashion world, but they made a comeback in 2019 when the humanists and the human rights lawyer Amal Clooney was seen wearing it casually on a day out with her husband. There are several styles available when it comes to midi skirts. Mix and match a midi skirt with the perfect jacket can make you look like the next fashion queen in 2019. Midi length skirt is a plus point in summers because you do not have to wear tights. Leather jackets have been and always are a wardrobe essential every year. It never runs out of fashion, and it’s always a safe look to carry. You might feel like a leather jacket is only for winters, but actually, it has been considered a trendy looks if you pair it up with strappy sandals in summers too. It’s one of the major trends that have been going around in 2019. If you want a bomber leather jacket or a biker one, threes always customizejackets.com where you can personalize your jacket design and color.

5. High, over the knee boots and Blazer jackets

These boots are a must-have in 2019. They can be paired up with any outfit for any occasion. You can wear these boots over a dress or style it with jeans. It goes both with a formal and casual look.

If you want to achieve the perfect trendy yet formal, you can style the high, over the knee boots with a blazer jacket. Blazer jackets are jackets that have the power to look both formal and casual and paired with the right top; you are going to slay that look.