5 Must Have Products For Urgent Care Centers


Urgent care centers such as hospitals and emergency rooms provide exemplary service to individuals in need. They are able to move quickly to address any emergency situation or crisis an individual is experiencing. However, part of what allows urgent care workers to do their jobs so efficiently is the equipment that they use. It is essential for urgent care centers to always have an ample supply of medical equipment on hand for treatments health issues such as respiratory infections, wounds, and other injuries and illnesses. Here are the 5 must have products for every urgent care center. 

1. Laryngoscopes

While you may not recognize it by name, you’ll know this instrument when you see it. Largynoscopes are used to examine the larynx, or to put it in more simple terms, the back of a patient’s throat including their vocal chords. When searching for a good laryngoscope you should choose one made of a strong and durable material such as stainless steel. Look for one that is reusable and easy to clean to help your urgent care center cut down on costs and time spent cleaning the materials.

5 Must Have Products For Urgent Care Centers

2. IV Therapy Equipment

There is a number of equipment available for IV therapy purposes. The most important equipment that all urgency care centers should have are empty IV containers, and a basic infusion pump. You shouldn’t have much trouble finding empty IV containers to order. Just make sure you order from a trusted brand that guarantees quality, durability, and sterilization. As for the basic infusion pump, aim for one that is not too complicated so that all of your urgency care workers will be able to use it with ease during times of emergency. Check online reviews and features to find products that are sanitary, offer protection for both the patient and urgency care giver, and are both quick  and easy to use.

3. Face Masks

Face masks are one of the most simple, yet essential pieces of equipment that all urgency care centers need. Make sure you purchase one that is comfortable and will cover urgent care giver’s nose and mouths. This will help to avoid spreading infections when patients are contagious. Be sure to where one at all times when treating contagious illnesses or unknown illnesses. Try to test the mask out before buying it to ensure it fits properly, is comfortable, and allows for easy breathing while still covering the mouth and nose.

4. Urology Supplies

It is important for urgency care centers to have an ample supply of urology supplies such as catheters and equipment used for catheters including catheter straps and tubing. Make sure to purchase catheters in a variety of sizes for both children and adults as well as catheters for both genders. It is also important to get catheters that are made from various materials including some latex, silicone, and Teflone. This will insure that you have one available for people who may be allergic to products like latex. You may also want to look for ones that are known for being easy on the skin and comfortable to wear to avoid irritation and discomfort. Checking reviews and conducting research is ideal for choosing the best urology supplies for your urgent care center.

5. Wound Care

Wounds are one of the most common ailments that urgent care centers will have to treat. There are many different forms of equipment available to treat wounds. It is important to use the right tools based on the type of wound you are treating. For example, treating an open wound may require different treatment methods than treating a closed wound. Your urgent care center should always have on hand basic band aids (you might want to pick up a few character ones for kids!), fabric adhesive bandages, strip pads, a variety of adhesive bandages, tegaderm, cotton applicators, cotton tipped swabs, cohesive bandages, dressing, gauze, medical sponges, dressing tape. saline and water, cleaning solutions, towelettes, and rubbing alcohol/alcohol swabs.

What are the must-have items for your urgency care center? Is there anything you feel like you can never have too much of?