5 Intricate Points An Influencer Should Check Upon Before Collaborating With A Brand Online

5 Intricate Points An Influencer Should Check Upon Before Collaborating With A Brand Online


In the words of Jay Baer,

“Social media changes the relationship between companies and customers from master to servant, to peer to peer.”

Social media is a big deal.

The marketing world has altered things online and is a faster-growing trend in the world. From Facebook’s pay-per-click ads to now, the influencers, the globe is transforming. Brands and creative minds have incredible marketing opportunities, where one can easily transfer their ideas, concepts, to the targeted audience.

The very first term that comes to our mind when we say online marketing is influencer marketing. It is all over social media platforms. Individual strategists are nailing the creativity genre by using every feature ever made for a particular platform to shine.

In today’s digital age, experimenting with branding has become a new hype. The influencers and brands are up for online challenges when it comes to user engagement ratio & posing a brand in a certain manner to grab the attention online. Influencers have become as much clout as a friend, whose advice one trusts before purchasing any product. Thus, the brands have opened up to new ways and ideologies when planning for an online marketing campaign.

If you are a budding influencer or a brand in search of trending online offerings, then there are platforms made specifically for you. There are meet & greet platforms, where a brand and an influencer can connect one on one & negotiate their services. One can use such an option to crack the deal away from the chaos. On such platforms it will not matter whether you are a 20-year-old nano influencer or are influencers over 50 as a micro or macro influencer. It all depends on one’s online reputation and work.

Now, without doing a further due, let’s have a look at some intricate points that influencers should know about the brand before finalizing an online collaboration.

5 Intricate points to look for in a brand before collaborating with them online

#1 Research your brand’s online presence

A brand will approach you only when they are sure about your capabilities. They have done their homework by comparing your creation, ideology, conceptualization with other influencers in the same niche.

Now, it’s your turn.

When a brand approaches you, your first move should be researching the firm. A background check is necessary to know the future business prospective. You need to run some financial checks for marketing, thus, the negotiation will happen seamlessly.

#2 Mutual understanding is a must

Decide on brand collaboration after meeting them in person. The digital world allows you to talk over messages, but to get a person’s actual idea; one has to meet him upfront.

How well a brand can’s marketing panel or the owner explains to you their ideas?

Is your imaginary ideology of the brand meeting the reality of it?

Are they agreeing with your initial ideas for the online campaign?

How are they as human beings?

These are only a few of the questions that might get resolved if you meet them in person. You must get the idea of what they are actually into, by visiting their office and looking at their aesthetics. One can get an idea about how they will like their online posts and color combinations for the campaign.

It also gives one a sense of satisfaction, once you understand their say, sitting face to face. In the very first meeting, you will know their tastes and preferences which will build a ladder for future mutual understanding relations.

#3 Transparencies of thoughts for online campaign

Discuss your viewpoints with the brand. Brainstorm the ideas and keep the transparency of thoughts. If you dislike the idea, say it then and there. This will automatically allow both parties to understand each other’s ideology.

Online campaigns need smooth planning beforehand. From post layout to the content beneath, everything has to be discussed in detail when you meet the brand. If you both are not on the same page, one can end the collaboration then and there before even starting to post on digital platforms. Thus, this is another option to escape before fully entering a collaboration phase with the firm.

#4 Check past collaboration of the firm

What if you are not a brand’s first choice?

Keep a check on the past collaboration of the firm. You will get an idea of how the other influencers did it and what were they missing out on. One also gets a look at past influencers.

You can easily ask them about their experiences with the brand. Such a reality check will give you an idea about their working patterns. How they deal with influencers, how is the billing done, what are the negotiation possibilities, and what went wrong with the particular influencer. All this will make you clearer, about the collaboration with the brand.

#5 Market reputation of the firm

How is the market representing the firm? What are the other brands talking about in this business? This will actually give you an idea about the business functioning, their relationship with the other firms, and whether they can coexist and compete with other brands in a healthy competing environment.


A book is judged by its cover, but a writer is judged after reading the whole book. You need to go through every page to unveil the verdict of the book. The same is the case with brands, take time, study its position in the market along with goodwill, and then set a meeting.

Consider these intricate points and use them for your analysis. These points will help you influencers in managing the brand’s ideation process. There are plenty of collaboration opportunities, but to choose the right one is in your hands. Thorough research is necessary for a healthy relationship. Thus, experience the digital space for yourself and select the brands that are reliable and adaptable to your ideology. Keep digitizing the concept that you believe in.


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