4 Ways To Get Your Foot In The Door In The Health-Care Industry


If you want to get your foot in the door in the health-care industry, you should consider some fields that do not require a medical school degree. These medical professions will prepare for and provide a foundation for any future medical training that you may want to pursue. Here are some ways that you can get started in the medical field without spending four years in a graduate institution and another three to eight years or more in residency.

1. Study to be a Home Health Aide

Home health aides will provide one-on-one care to patients in their homes. If you want to be involved in this program, it will require a pleasant disposition and the willingness to care for disabled, impaired, ill, or recovering surgery patients. The industry is expected to grow by 70 percent by 2020. Aides can help with daily personal tasks and organize doctor appointments. They can also help perform basic health services such as giving medications and checking pulse. Some states will only require on-the-job training for this position and others may require a few years of formal education.

4 Ways To Get Your Foot In The Door In The Health-Care Industry

2. Study to be a Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technicians will be responsible for dispensing medications to treat disease and prolong life. They work under the supervision of a pharmacist and can be found in hospitals, pharmacies, and grocery stores to fill drug prescriptions. If you want to be a pharmacy technician, you should be pleasant and helpful. Detail-oriented professionals perform well in this profession because they are less likely to make mistakes.

3. Be a Medical Office Assistant

As a medical office assistant, you’ll be required to greet patients, order medical supplies, answer telephones, and process insurance claims. If you enjoy working in a doctor’s office, you’ll love this position. You must know how to cope with patient needs and also understand any medical terminology that may occur. You must be able to read medical charts and be a good listener. Though there are no formal educational requirements, most employers require some certification, or they will not hire you.

4. Be a Physical Therapy Aide

If you want to have more job security, you should consider the field of physical therapy. It’s expected to grow 45 percent by 2020. This job requires patients to listen to patient concerns and assist them in completing rehabilitation routines and positioning based on their injuries. This job requires you to be able to prepare exam equipment, do clerical work and also to position patients during exams. This is one career that involves interacting with people a lot, so make sure that is something you enjoy.

Learn More and Get Your Foot in the Door

When you learn more about the health care industry, you’ll be able to get your foot in the door in other medical industries. Learn more about these professions and other medical-related sales opportunities such as this XALO Business Opportunity. You will still be able to improve people’s health and be making money at the same time. With these possible medical professions, you’ll be able to improve your healthcare resume.