4 Things You Should Never Do in Kolkata

4 Things You Should Never Do in Kolkata


Kolkata is a city of pride, heritage and culture. Tourists that visit here are mindful of the local practices and understand the vibe of the city well. They try not to cause trouble but can sometimes perform a faux pas and make things awkward. There is also the very real chance that you might end up offending a local resident and creating a scene in exchange. That’s why it’s always important to follow the local customs and maintain a sense of decorum wherever you go.

Being loud inside religious institutions

Many frequented temples in Kolkata are some of the best in the country, leading tourists to start clicking pictures and being obstructive. This is one of the biggest mistakes that one can do while in the city. If you’re too loud or are blocking a procession, then you may actually be asked to leave the temple. This can be incredibly embarrassing and ruin the trip for everyone there. Being too loud or playing with artefacts inside the temples is a complete no-no for all travellers.

Miss out on the local cuisines

A virtual sin committed by many travellers is that they avoid the local cuisines in Kolkata. The street food at Kolkata is some of the best in the world, and travellers tend to feel shy about trying new dishes. From Jhal Muri to Macher Jhol, there is so much to try here. The top restaurants in Kolkata are a great place to start, but one should eventually hit the streets and find local delicacies. Having local Kolkata cuisines in the beautiful city is a divine experience that one shouldn’t miss out on.

Booking the wrong location

When booking your stay, you should balance out the hotel rooms and the location of the hotel. A top hotel in Howrah, like The LaLiT Great Eastern Kolkata, will provide a completely unique experience when compared to another in a different location. That’s why hotel quality, location and other soft-factors really count in Kolkata. It’s good to get a great hotel in a fantastic location, so that you don’t have to spend too much time travelling and in traffic.

Not visiting during festivals

Festivals here are some of the most important times to be in the city, as Kolkata comes alive. With a whole array of activities, fests and cultural events to choose from, travellers are spoilt for choice. The food is great, the visuals are superb, and the ambiance of the city is incomparable. However, travellers must remember to be careful when walking alongside any religious demonstrations or in crowds.