4 Online Marketing Tactics Every Real Estate Agent Should Know


The internet is becoming the new standard in marketing products and services around the world. The real estate industry is not being left behind. Realtors are taking advantage of the huge market potential in the internet to market their properties and related services. Below as are some of the effective online marketing tactics beyond just having a blog, a site, and a blog.

Make your Site Mobile-friendly

The world has turned mobile. Most of the visitors are likely to access your site via smartphones, iPads, and tabs. A responsive site automatically adjusts to the size of the screen. Moreover, the buttons should be well spaced and the content easy to read without the need for zooming out.

In addition, ensure that your site is easy to navigate. The visitors should find any information that they seek with much ease. The average patience of the online visitors is about ten seconds after which they bounce back. It is important to ensure that the site is informative and interesting to capture the visitors’ interest beyond the ten seconds.

Do not forget the Email Marketing

Email marketing delivers more qualified leads to your website than the social media and paid advertising. Start building a mailing list by inviting the visitors to subscribe on your site, social media, and the blog. Capture the names of the visitors and their birthdays. This enables you send personalized messages and birthday wishes. Choose one of the many email marketing software in the market to manage the mails and feedback from your newsletter subscribers.

Engage your Fans Online

Let your visitors and fans be part of the marketing program. Invite them to open houses, take them on virtual tours of some of the prime properties, and let them give you the feedback. Feedback and reviews are of extreme importance to the business. Whenever a client complains of the services quality, take the moment as a chance to improve on your offering. Encourage customers that are impressed with your services to tell the world.

Reputation is very important in the success of your online marketing campaigns. Most potential clients will first look at the reviews given by your past clients before they decide to buy from you. Consider asking your clients to write reviews on your social media pages, online business directories, and relevant forums.

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Get Local

The decision to buy property is informed by a number of things including the location of the property, business potential, safety, crime rates, the neighborhoods, and amenities among others. Do a bit of researching and make this information available for the area in which you are marketing property. You can provide such information free and then invite the visitors to your service. Such information, facts, and statistics will bring you more qualified traffic and enable you build an emailing list quite fast.

If you are a realtor that is yet to tap into the internet, you are losing huge opportunities to create awareness and sell your services. The sooner you move online, the higher the chances of hitting your business goals.