4 Jewelry Trends for Summer 2020 Weddings


It’s not always easy to decide what type of jewelry to wear, especially if it’s your big day — and your big look — on the line. Fortunately, fashion experts can forecast upcoming trends in wedding wear from what they see on runways in fall and spring. With a bit of trial and error, you’re sure to be able to find the right piece(s) of jewelry to complete your look.

Want to narrow down your search? Here are 4 of the expected trends for summer weddings.

Collar Necklace

The statement necklace has its place, but it might not be at your wedding: you want your dress to be the showstopper, right? Instead, a simple neck-grazing collar can give you just enough bling — and draw just enough attention to your face — without stealing the spotlight from your dress. Collars are much more versatile than, say, pendant necklaces, which only go with V-neck dresses: rock your collar with everything from a strapless to the aforementioned V.

Shoulder-Grazing Earrings

Again, another one-and-done piece of jewelry: the shoulder-grazing earring. They’re certainly extra-large accessories, but they do more than add a bit of bling to your overall appearance. Long-hanging earrings next to your face accentuate it and make it appear longer, too. You can wear your chandeliers with just about any hairstyle, too, so don’t feel as though you can only wear them with hair tied back.

Gems (Yes, Colorful Ones)

You might think that your wedding day look should be, well, white. Perhaps you’ll throw in a colorful pair of shoes or a sassy garter, but most of the look will likely be pearly.

This year switch it up, and we’re not just talking about your something blue. Of course, that is a classic wedding jewelry tradition, and you can’t go wrong wearing something special and cerulean. However, this year’s wedding fashion has incorporated jewelry sets with a bit of color. So, rather than wearing pendant earrings with pearls, someone might wear emeralds instead. You might even choose to accessorize with your wedding colors!

Cocktail Ring

Surprisingly enough, brides these days have put more than one piece of jewelry on their fingers. All eyes will be on the engagement ring and, eventually, the wedding band. But why not have a little bit of fun with your non-ring finger? One big, eye-catching cocktail ring can set off your entire look. This might be the perfect accessory to try if your dress has lots of embroidery or embellishment: one blingy finger at your waist will be just enough sparkle without overpowering the gown.

Now, Try It on Yourself

This isn’t an exhaustive list of all the wedding trends to look out for this summer. But it’s a great place to start with your search for the perfect jewelry to play up your perfect gown. The best thing about jewelry is that it’s easy to try on, so don’t be shy! Slip on necklaces, hold up earrings to your lobes and slide bracelets onto your wrists until you find the perfect look for you.