4 Destinations In India To Celebrate Your 30th Birthday Differently

4 Destinations In India To Celebrate Your 30th Birthday Differently


Some birthday years are milestone and you want to celebrate them as specially as possible to remember and go back every time you want to feel young and alive. Now, you definitely cannot step out alone on your 13th, 16th or 20th birthday being still young and have different things to plan out. But, 30th birthday is the time when you can take most of the decisions on your own and can afford a lavish vacation to celebrate differently.

Not just going to a restaurant, drink all night with friends or a get-together, you can do much more than that on your birthday. If you are the one that always wants to explore and travel, then the best give that you can give to yourself is a trip. Plan your 30th birthday to explore a new destination as this would be a gift for a lifetime. Some of the Indian destinations that are a best way to celebrate include:

1. Beaches of Goa

In the arms of nature, you can party or just get lost in the beauty that it has to offer. Goa has always been on the list when it comes to celebrations with the beaches, nightlife and lavish resorts it has to offer. While you are embracing a new phase of life, you can hit the nightlife with friends at night and sit on one of the beaches in the mornings to adore the site and cuddle to the beautiful life.

Goa Beaches

2. Safari at Bandhavgarh National Park

Birthdays call for crazy and wild plans. So, here it is. The wildest of all would be to include the wildlife itself. Celebrate with tigers, birds, bisons when you take a trip to the depths of Bandhavgarh National Park. This popular national park in Madhya Pradesh has large biodiversity and can thrill you with the density of the population of tigers. Don’t worry you would definitely be able to spot a few on the adventure.

Bandhavgarh National park Safari

3. Hiking from Kasol to Kheerganga

If you want to make your birthday as adventurous while being with your friends, hiking can be an option. These is no match to cutting the cake under the sky full of dazzling stars while your friends prepare a beautiful profile picture of yours. The hike from Kasol to Kheerganga gives a picturesque trail of the valleys with beautiful scenes to discover.

Kheerganga Trek

4. Road tripping from Manali to Leh

Hit the roads with your group and enjoy an entire week by taking this beautiful road and the scenes that it has to offer in trip to Ladakh. The snow clad peaks, the moonlight landscape, the high altitude passes and the breathtaking views as you climb up the winding road to witness the most amazing destination of all.

Leh Ladakh

Birthdays are all special but, such crazy trips and adventures makes them one of a kind. Live the day with the craziest and wildest plans and take the road never taken. Trips on birthdays just make it much more special and you can finally feel that you can live on your own terms.

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