3 Reasons your ED Drug may not Work


A report from the Urology Care Foundation reveals that more than 52 percent or 32 million men in the United States alone experience erectile dysfunction. Most men suffering from ED generally get in touch with their doctor to seek advice on the best medication to heal their condition. The vast majority of these men get the help they need, while there are few who are still unable to perform even after taking erectile dysfunction medication.

Even though all the major FDA approved ED drugs work similarly, there are times when some of these medications don’t have you rising to the occasion. There may be many reasons for this, most notably because you may be taking them incorrectly. In fact, a study from Spain indicates that more than 60 percent of guys claimed that their problem persisted even after taking ED medication were taking these PDE5 inhibitors incorrectly. If you aren’t responding well to your ED medication, here are 5 common mistakes that you can learn from.

  1. Never expect miracles – Fact is that any ED drug does not work magically to give you an erection, meaning that you need to be sexually aroused to get one. Reason being that your brain has to send a message to your penis via certain nerves in your body in order to activate the active ingredients in the pill. So basically, you need to put in some effort too such as foreplay in order to receive the benefits.
  2. Taking it the right way – Just like any medication, it is important that you take the dose that’s appropriate for you and prescribed by your physician. Some consumers in an effort to save money buy the maximum dose of ED drugs and then divided them in half. Even though this strategy may work some men, it does not ensure that the active ingredient is distributed evenly between the two sides.

For example, even though Levitra Ireland and the Levitra available in the USA stem from the same manufacturing facility, the cost of a 20 mg dose of this drug costs roughly $1.50 per tablet in Ireland and more than $3 per tablet in the USA. Since most leading health providers including Medicare do not cover the cost of ED medications, and the fact that the 20 mg dose costs the same as 50 mg, consumers are compelled to buy a higher dose and chop it in to smaller pieces.

  1. Avoid eating before popping the pill – Even though there are certain ED drugs that do not prohibit you from eating before taking the pill, it goes without saying that if you’ve loaded on that leftover turkey stuffing, a romp in the bedroom may not be a success. If you take ED drugs on a full stomach, only half of the drug is absorbed, so if you need 100 mg to work your magic, you will only get the equivalent of 50 mg to play with even though you took a higher dose.

All in all, in order for ED drugs to work regardless of what continent you bought them from, you have to be prepared mentally and of course follow a few ground rules such as avoiding grapefruit juice and taking the right dosage.