3 Main Reasons Why You Need To Hire An Eminent Domain Lawyer


It’s common practice for the federal agencies of most of the states to exercise their power of Eminent Domain to undertake private property for public use. If you’ve received an eminent domain letter in your mailbox recently and you feel that the offer the government has made to buy your land is not just or more of your land is being taken than needed for public use, there is no need to feel helpless and ‘just accept your fate’.

Don’t be one of those ‘progressive’ landowners who doesn’t want to hinder public growth and get the best out of your soon-to-be gone land by not having an eminent domain lawyer by your side. Protect your rights and fight unjust practices followed by the government by challenging in court their power of eminent domain with the help of your eminent domain lawyer.

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An eminent domain lawyer, in such a case, can help you challenge eminent domain in the following ways:

1.Acquaints you with your rights

While you may feel that you are powerless against the government when hit with an eminent domain. A good eminent domain lawyer will show you several ways by which you can challenge it in court. The government can not just show up one day, hit you with an eminent domain and take your land. They have to adhere to the 5th amendment of the eminent domain law, which states that the land taken under eminent domain should strictly be utilized for public use, and public use only. Additionally, if only a part of your property is required for public development, you have full right to retain ownership for the rest of the land.

A layman usually isn’t aware of the various conditions federal agencies have to follow to take land under eminent domain, but by employing a good eminent domain lawyer you not only get acquainted with all the conditions that need to be fulfilled by the government but they can fill you in on your basic rights as well. For More Information: ashemorganwinthrop

2.Ensures you receive a fair compensation

The government, like everybody else, tries to acquire private land with the least amount of money possible. While you may not expect it from them, they don’t have the private land owner’s best interest in mind while offering a ‘fair compensation’ for the land to be taken under eminent domain. An eminent domain lawyer has the available resources to derive the actual value of your property and makes sure that you get only that amount as ‘fair compensation’.

3.Guides you through the complex process

Just like any other lawsuit, the process of challenging eminent domain is filled with complexities and a lot of paperwork. An average property owner may not be aware of the required know-how to challenge eminent domain from start to finish. Hiring a skilled eminent domain lawyer will make this complex process a breeze since he/she will be protecting your rights and getting you a fair compensation for your land from it’s appeal to the final verdict.

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