12 Ways You Can Help Your Loved One Through Their Breast Augmentation Recovery


If you want to be the best caregiver for your significant other who has recently undergone a breast augmentation procedure, there are some steps you need to take. After all, recovering from a serious surgery is not as easy as most would think. You need to be prepared for all that’s ahead of you physically and emotionally. Your significant other will soon be completely helpless, needing you to do everything for her. To get through this ordeal as smooth as possible, check out these 12 helpful tips below for the significant other during breast augmentation surgery recovery:

1. Have Patience

Taking care of someone who has gone through a breast augmentation surgery can be difficult. They won’t be able to do much for themselves, so you will really have to take the reins here. That’s why you need to have patience. Don’t get riled up and put off every time your help is needed. Your significant other is really counting on you here.

2. Ice Packs

One item that really helps get your significant other through the discomfort of a breast enlargement surgery is an ice pack. You should purchase roughly 6 small freezable gel packs and then sew some small flannelette covers to them ahead of time. These flannelette covers will be wrapped around the ice packs. If you don’t have any flannelette covers, you can always use cloth diapers instead. These covers will ultimately soften the impact of the plastic gel packs onto the sides of the breasts. However, the key here is to lay those packs flat to re-freeze them. This way the gel packs aren’t rock hard and distorted, causing unnecessary pain. After two days, make sure to wash the covers over your gel packs so that your significant other is left with fresh fabric.

3. Toilet Lids

While couples tend to argue over whether the toilet seat should be left up or down, the answer here is always down. The top cover should never be put down. That’s because it is extremely painful for your significant other to bend forward after having the surgery done. By placing the toilet seat down and the top cover up, the toilet is completely ready for her to use and there won’t be any stress put on her.

4. Phone Calls

Whenever the phone rings in your house, make sure to ask your significant other ahead of time if she wants the phone brought right to her or if she would have messages taken. That’s because a lot of people don’t realize that holding a phone to your ear actually requires a great deal of pectoral strength. At this time, she won’t have any of that and the person on the other line probably won’t even realize the pain they’re putting her through to talk. You should, though, leave a cell phone within an arm’s reach from her. This way if you have to be out of voice range, she has the phone to use for emergencies.

5. Change Positions

Please understand that light-headedness can occur after an individual undergoes a breast augmentation surgery. In fact, this light-headedness can be quite severe, especially if she’s already feeling nauseous. When you get her standing, make sure to remind her to take deep breaths as that will help to get the oxygen flowing. Never let her use the stairs without you right behind her, just in case she becomes faint in the process. If she gets weak, it is your responsibility to support her body.

6. Beds

If you own a recliner chair at your home, make sure to line it with a camping foamie or a mattress pad. This will give your significant other a bit more comfort while they’re stuck in bed recovering. You should also use single sheets for at least the first few days of sleep. Besides this, only have your significant other’s use light weight blankets. That’s because any weight or pressure on her breasts will be super uncomfortable, especially when she’s laying on her back.

7. Memory

For some reason, after a breast augmentation surgery individuals tend to forget things. That’s why your significant other may need you to remind her of things or go over what was said earlier. She may not remember the order things happened in or specific details. Go with whatever she needs and always be willing to re-hash things.

8. Food

After a breast augmentation surgery, your significant other will probably experience some nausea. That’s why you should make sure that you cupboards are stocked full of plain crackers, a couple of bowls of Jell-O and some meal replacement drinks. Do not cook any meals that have a strong odor as that will only make her more nauseous.

9. Flowers

To bring a touch of the outside world to your significant other’s bedside, it is essential to you go pick out a few fresh flowers. Place them by her bed so that she feels at one with nature.

10. What to Say

While everyone has their own way of showing affection, when someone you love is bruised and swollen, a compliment sure does mean a lot. Be sure to offer as much encouragement as you possibly can. That means reminding your significant other that her new breasts are perfect to you.

11. Ups and Downs

Remember, recovery can be an uphill battle. While there are lot of ups, there are just as many or more downs to be experienced. Make sure that not only you understand but also your significant other understands that for as many steps forward she takes, there will be some steps back. That’s why statements like “What can I do to help you?” and “I promise you will feel better soon” should be used. If she has any concerns, don’t hesitate to call the doctor for her.

12. All Better

Once she starts to feel better, don’t let her get going too fast. While you should definitely celebrate all of the progress she has made in her recovery, still keep resting. Slowly but surely have her get back into the swing of things. This means only taking one small task at a time.