10 Warning Signs You've Got Poor Circulation

10 Warning Signs You’ve Got Poor Circulation


Most people don’t give the idea of blood circulation as much thought. Stress and inadequate nutrition, fragile nails and hair loss may be the causes of poor blood circulation. Poor blood circulation is a problem faced by more and more people, but few realize their signs. Over time, this condition can cause many problems in the body, so it is advisable to take action as early as possible if you notice one or more of the symptoms below.  Overweight also associated with an increased risk of circulatory problems.

Blood circulation is a very common imbalance nowadays, especially in the summer. A large number of adults suffer from this problem.


Lower blood circulation can affect the functioning of the kidneys, causing inflammation in certain regions of the body. If you notice that your hands or feet are inflamed, your circulatory system is most likely trying to reduce blood flow.

Tingling and Numbness

Neither numbness sensations in the extremities. The main cause of this symptom is the clogging of arteries with fat deposits. Numbness linked to the blood flow in the region is low.


Extra pounds are, in fact, a real burden for your body. In addition, if you are overweight, prolonged sitting or standing over several hours may cause extra traffic problems. fat accumulated in the body linked to the prolonged sitting, with the increased risk of many of the secondary causes of poor circulation, chickenpox problems and including blood vessels.

Chest Pressure

The feeling of pain, numbness and pressure felt in the chest area is another sign that you have poor circulation. Even if you are not always confronted with these symptoms, it is advisable to follow a treatment recommended by a specialist. Your heart needs a little help, so it is recommended to give it in time before the situation gets complicated.

Hair Loss and Fragile Nails

Although they may indicate other problems, such as stress or an inadequate diet, hair loss and brittle nails could be the result of poor blood circulation. In this situation, the hair will be dry and will fall, and the nails will break easily and will not grow back. This happens because the scalp, hands and feet do not get enough nutrients.

Hands and Feet Cold

Another sign that draws attention to the fact that the circulation of poor blood is the feeling of cold in the upper and lower limbs. Blood also has the role of providing an optimal body temperature, and if it does not travel properly, the extremities will be colder than the rest of the body. A short and intense massage will quickly solve this problem. Here are some remedies for cold hands and feet.

Inflated Legs

Symptoms of poor circulation include swollen feet. Excess fluid will promote swelling of the ankles and legs. A simple solution, in this case, is to raise your feet slightly so that it is higher than the heart level. For example, you can put them on a pillow.


If nutrients are not distributed properly in the body, you risk experiencing fatigue and weakness. Blood is pumped slower, and the circulation of oxygen to the muscles and the brain is also slow. So the patient feels tired, as if his body is tough, and performing daily tasks is difficult.

Slow Digestion

If you feel full for several hours after you have eaten (even if you have not served a copious meal), you may have poor blood circulation. And stomach burns, constipation and intestinal gas can signal this imbalance when they occur frequently. Monitor your intestinal movements carefully because the blood may not reach your intestines optimally.

Slow Healing of Wounds

Poor blood circulation prevents the rapid transfer of white blood cells, preventing them from properly performing their functions (including the healing of wounds, cuts, and incisions).