10 Things You Must Keep In Mind While Taking Your Baby To A Wedding


Wedding time is full of liveliness, fun, and style. We all want to look great when attending a wedding reception. But having a baby complicates things a lot. First, you need to determine what to bring along with your baby, how to maintain the whole ordeal and so many other things to remember. Preparing to attend a wedding ceremony involves a lot of planning and you have to decide on everything beforehand. Since you don’t want any mess in someone’s marriage ceremony. If you have very small babies of a month or two then the right decision will be not to attend any reception. But, say your child is 6 months and you do not want to miss your best friend’s wedding you do not have to change your plans. To ensure that your baby does not get any trouble in the crowd of a party every mother should maintain some basic rules. Managing your little one throughout a wedding function is really tough.

Moreover, people might get annoyed if your baby continues to cry for discomfort he or she might be having. So let’s talk about some of the practical tips that can guide you to be the perfect mother while you are in a wedding.

Extra Set Of Clothes

If you have a baby you will surely know how often you have to change your baby clothes. They always tend to get themselves dirty. They may drop some juice or food on their clothes. So, it’s a must rule to carry few extra sets of clothes with you.

Feeding At Regular Interval

Babies, when hungry or thirsty cry. And the ceremony will feel embarrassed with a crying baby. In order to avoid such a problem keep water and food ready with you always. After every two to three hours make them eat and drink. A full stomach will calm them and your child will become a happy face in the crowd. Carry sterilized bottles and baby sippers to keep them calm.

Carry Toys

To change the attention of a baby and soothe him a toy is all you need. Your baby can play with the toy while you can talk easily with other guests. Your baby needs to be entertained and a soft toy can do the trick.

Must Carry Diapers

This is something we all know. Diapers need to be changed very often considering babies urinate a lot. You might have to change the diapers every two to three hours. When you are out to attend any reception party you need to carry extra diapers with you in your bag.

Take Dry Foods

Babies make the mess with liquid food substances. So it is advisable to carry oats, berries, and soft dry food substances. If your baby is still bottle-fed then carry baby foods in a proper bottle. Check for any leakage of the bottle that can wet your dress as well as your babies.

Pram For Baby

Your little ones can fall asleep often and carry them for a long time is very tiring. Especially in a wedding ceremony where you have to eat, talk and have the fun time with your family, a baby pram is very useful. You can use it to let your baby sleep and they are easy to carry.


During winters a blanket is a must for your baby to protect him or her from the cold wind. Babies tend to catch a cold easily and a blanket can protect them.

Appropriate outfits

Everyone loves to wear gorgeous ethnic wear in a wedding, but you must choose your dress wisely if you are to carry a baby. The best way is to look proper and feel comfortable. Handloom silk sarees or cotton sarees are excellent choices. You can get a variety of sober collection of sarees from online boutiques for some of the best of Kalamkari sarees, jamdani or Ikkat sarees. Lighter and comfortable materials are the good options. It is advisable not to wear outfits with too many sequins on it. The stone work or ‘zari’ works may discomfort your baby.

Simple Footwear

It is a big ‘no’ for stilettos or any high heels if you are carrying your baby. High heels require balance and if you by any chance trip over something you will get yourself into a big accident. Try opting for flat footwear. Kitten heels are also good choices. This will help you to walk and carry your baby at the same time.

Less Accessories

Before you wear your shining new pearl drop earring or a stone studded bracelet, think about twice. Your baby can start playing with your accessories and you might get hurt along the way. Babies get attracted by anything glittering and especially when their mother is wearing it.

Above all, you need to keep this in mind that your baby is too important for you than any wedding. So try to make him or her comfortable always. Get ready with his toy, bottle, and pram to make sure everything is in order. If your baby is getting fussy try to avoid the crowd and take him or her out for some time.