10 Signs You Need A Document Storage Service


What are the ten signs you need to store your work files safely with a reliable company? Read the list below to find out. You might be surprised at how drastically accumulating files can affect every facet of your company and workspace.

Your Office Has No Available Space

You look around, and all you can see is a severely impaired workspace, full of disorganized papers and endless files that induce stress at a single glance. Some people consider this to be the cornerstone of a busy workplace. However, in all honesty, even the busiest workplaces maintain structural organization. There are a few common signs your company needs a paper storage service, such as the one Paper Escape offers.

You Are Counterproductive and Inefficient

How efficiently are you and your employees at retrieving important documents, corresponding, and finding the information you need in your cluttered workspace? You probably find it difficult to execute and coordinate projects in your professional environment. If you have noticed a plunge in productivity and efficiency in your workplace, there may be a number of reasons for this. However, there might also be a slight possibility that your disorganized environment is impeding your workflow.

How exactly are productivity and file organization linked? Without an organized space to store your files, or even the option of file scanning, you will be stuck with endless piles of paper. The appearance of a messy workplace has been known to detract markedly from employee productivity, motivation and morale. Humans are visual creatures who must be aesthetically pleased by their environment. Without enough space, it is impossible to achieve a desirable workflow.

Furthermore, these disorganized files can hinder your ability to reach the information and files that really matter. How many outdated file archives do you have lying around, and is this helping your company in any way? Most likely not.

Poor Communication

Do your employees find it difficult to communicate? One of the reasons some workplaces have an impeded communication flow is because they are messy and disorganized. How easily are your employees able to navigate from place to place? If it is difficult to communicate in your workspace, then perhaps you need to clear out the extra paper.

Inadequate Use of Space

Are you using your workplace improperly? Are you forced to use the break room as a committee planning room and an office, as well? Unless you compartmentalize your company’s duties, you will never accomplish what you intend. This means, using a single room for too many duties cannot work to your benefit. With this said, your papers may be preventing you from creating additional space in your.