Window Blinds Offer A Great Variety Of Choices


No house would be complete without the perfect kind of window shades. Whether they are installed just for beautifying the home or with a purpose in mind, you can find a wide range of styles, patterns, and textures in the market today. For example, there is the blackout shade. This is what you would apply on your casement if you have any streetlight just outside the window, because these would help in preventing the light rays from coming in.

There are several varieties of colors of these window blinds for you to choose from and thus they would probably match with any room where they will be fitted. Or, if a homeowner tends to have a distinct taste, then the pure white blinds will generally be the best option. There are some other types of window blinds and among them some categories are the most popular ones.

The Common Types of Window Blinds

The first one is the basic mini blind that has one inch slats and runs horizontally. Such types are generally the most popular form of blind as they are inexpensive and are simple to install.

The second type of window blinds that is widely available in the market is the vertical type of blind. This variety of blind is usually obtainable in 3 inch slats and may often be found on the sliding glass doors. On the other hand, these are also very trendy on the picture window. Such kinds of window blinds are generally manufactured with a stiffer kind of fabric that is also more resilient.

The third type of window blinds, which can be stated here, is the wooden blind. This form of blinds consists of bamboo and faux wood. These effortlessly offer a striking look to your house and an unique appeal. However, these require thorough maintenance up-keeping the look and feel of the interior decor. However, it can be a good plan to utilize a feather duster on such types of screens. It is important to comprehend that wooden blinds are likely to be damaged if they are exposed to sun. Thus, they may not last as long as that of plastic blinds. Regardless of the forms of window cover that is chosen to decorate, you should make certain that you have the right option while buying it.

Some Other Styles of Distinctive Shapes

· Cellular Blind or Honeycomb Shades

If you look at these types of shades from the side, the blinds would appear as diamond shaped cells and they are usually made out of any solid, lightweight fabric-like substance. They have a wide range of colors. A few blinds of this style may slide up from the base or down from the upper part, making them a flexible option in any room and at any time of the day. There are even room-darkening and motorized blinds–great for any bedroom.

· Roman Blinds

This style is available at a variety of colors in order to match any design of the room. The Roman shades are created with cloth, which is intended to accordion fold because they move up and then smooth out if they move down. This type of window blinds is sometimes harder to clean, but a few styles may be removed from the casement to be cleaned in the washing machine.