Why It’s Important to Maintain Body pH Level?



Human being is bio-electrical engines and to accomplish many complex functions, their body needs to communicate properly with all related parts, all the way down to the smallest level, the cells. Our body communicates internally using electric and chemical signals. In this case, nerve signals are actually electrical charges that flow throughout our body.

The fine biochemical balance that exists in our body is what creates the electrical power. This should be where our pH scale comes into play. It measures how alkaline or acidic a substance is, measured between 1 and 14. With 1 being very acidic, 7 is neutral and 14 is very alkaline.

The pH level of our body may have strong implications. It may go to enormous length to ensure that the blood pH level stays at around 7.35. A change of even one point in either direction could alter the electrical characteristics of our body.

When red blood cells transport oxygen throughout our body, they often need to go to very small capillaries; so small that these cells need pass through one at a time. There must be a mechanism that keeps red blood cells separated from one another. Healthy red blood cells have negative charge and this allows them to repel, creating just enough space between them. Acid strips the negative charge away from red blood cells. This could make them to clump, which disrupts the flow. This could mean that less oxygen will reach the intended cells and acid could also make red blood cells to die more easily. Worse, red blood cells tend to release acid when they die.  Consequently, it’s very important to maintain proper pH level in our blood.

We shouldn’t do things that can upset the delicate biochemistry balance, as an example there are steps to limit the production of acid in our body.  As an example, scallops could leave acidic waste in our body, while vegetables are relatively more alkaline than most foods.

It’s important to understand whether things that we eat and drink are acid or alkaline. We may eliminate more acid foods from our diet and add alkaline foods accordingly. But, before we start it may be necessary to obtain a baseline pH level in our body. This allows us to determine whether we are improving or we need to eliminate additional acid foods.

Saliva test may allow us to determine the pH level of our body with some accuracy and it is quite simple to do.