Ways You're Aging Your Skin

Ways You’re Aging Your Skin


We are all aware of the usual no-no’s – smoking, alcohol, not getting enough sleep and so on. And it’s true – all these factors will majorly influence your skin aging yet bad news is, they are not the only ones. There are plenty other culprits you need to be mindful of. Here are some everyday activities that are aging you skin without you even realizing it.

Washing Your Face Too Much

Keeping your skin clean is definitely one of the musts of one’s hygiene but overdoing it isn’t going to bring anything good. Washing your face two times a day is fine but anything over it is simply wrong. Naturally, post workout showers are okay. Also, don’t use just any face cleaner. Alkaline bar soaps are likely to cause irritation and strip your skin of its natural oils. Opting for a a non-soap cleanser is a much gentler and better option. If possible, consult your dermatologist about the type of face cream and cleaner you should be using.

Losing Weight

Not that we are promoting obesity or being overweight for the sakes of keeping your skin young, but you need to know that constant or repeat weight gain and loss will cause your skin to lose its natural elasticity. The skin will then look old and saggy and will lose its natural glow. So, watch for weight variations!

Drinking Through a Straw

You want to look ladylike so you choose a straw for almost any beverage that comes your way. What you didn’t know is that repeated pursing your lips can cause wrinkling around your mouth and even dark spots. While you are young, this won’t be noticeable but the older you get, the lines and wrinkles will become more pronounced.

Ways You're Aging Your Skin


Squinting isn’t just something that looks super awkward whenever a person does it, but it’s also a cause of lines and wrinkles around one’s eyes. It can also cause frown lines between your brows and crows feet. This is why it’s important you get your vision checked regularly! If you need glasses, wear them!

Another eye-related “problem” is wearing contact lenses. Truthfully, lenses in their own right won’t do any harm to your skin but the way you are putting them and in and taking them out will. Usually, when applying lenses, we tug at the thin, sensitive skin around the eyes. This can not only cause inflammation but it overtime leads to wrinkling and sagging. Therefore, be more careful about applying lenses next time around.

Cranking up the Heat

 During cold, winter days there’s almost nothing that feels as good as dialing up the thermostat and enjoying the warmth of your home. But, what you didn’t know is that indoor heat leads to inflamed skin which has aging effects. Try turning down the temperature before bed. What can also help is to keep a glass of water on your nightstand, next to your bed – this will keep the air moist.

Not Drinking Enough Water

 For some reason, they haven’t brought us up emphasizing enough the importance of regular water intake. Skipping water intake will leave you with dry and rough skin. Further, drinking water will help your skin has its natural, healthy glow and become more elastic.

Water is generally good for our overall health, not just our skin. It helps flushing out toxins out of our bodies, speeds up our metabolism, and, believe it or not – lowers chances for mood swings and depression.

It’s recommended to drink over eight glasses of water per day.


Too much salt is bad for, well, practically anything that has to do with our health. You can’t avoid salt altogether but you can try and minimize its intake. Foods high in sodium tend to leave your skin dry and dull, sucking moisture out of it. So, cut back on salty foods as much as you can, hydrate often and use a hydrating moisturizer.


Too much makeup will damage your skin in ways you cannot even imagine. Women tend to spend loads of money of makeup, trying to cover their natural aging process when in fact they are making the whole thing worse. It’s better you invested money in skin rejuvenation through laser surgery and treatments than spend it on makeup. Consult with your dermatologist about your options.

Knowing these, try implementing them into your daily routine. Your skin will be grateful and you will be much happier with your reflection in the mirror!


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