Using Scent To Create A Romantic Atmosphere


Beard Oils Employed for Scent cans Enhance Romance

Using essential oils based hair oil, scent, body lotion, beard oils or whatever to create atmosphere and enhance bathing or massage can greatly increase the romance of an encounter if used correctly.

Our sense of smell is one that is very closely tied to our emotions. Everyone has walked into a room and smelled something that jolted them into a fond – or unpleasant – memory, to the point it almost feels like being physically there. And unlike vision, our sense of smell can’t be temporarily ‘turned off’; the eyes can be closed, but nothing can change what you smell. Therefore it only makes sense that scents and aromatherapy can play a very big role in setting the appropriate mood for personal encounters.

Many Romantic Essential Oils to Choose From

There are many essential oils that are wonderful for enhancing a romantic atmosphere. Probably the best known are rose and jasmine, but there are many others. Among the best are ylang-ylang, sandalwood, patchouli, clary sage, bergamot, cedarwood, and vetiver. These are tried-and-true “aphrodisiac” scents, but remember that every person is different; you may need to adjust the scents you choose and the proportions used based on your own and your partner’s tastes.

Using Romance Essential Oil Products

Just as there are many oils to choose from, there are many choices when it comes to how to use them. For an all-evening romantic experience, perhaps start by drawing your partner a bath and putting some of the essential oils in it, either alone or in combination with some bath salts. Then have a lovely dinner, lit by candles utilizing some of the oils. Then, move on to a whole-body massage, with a sensual oil blend. If there isn’t a whole evening free in which to indulge, the massage is probably the best choice as a stand-alone.

When giving a sensual massage, be sure to give a whole-body massage, instead of just the back; it is more overall relaxing, and also helps to heighten the awareness. Be careful, though; most essential oils (exceptions being lavender, sandalwood, and small amounts of tea tree) are not appropriate for use in highly sensitive areas, and can cause unpleasant burning sensations, even when diluted in carrier oil.

If you are planning a full evening, you may want to start with a bath for yourself, around ten or 15 minutes soaking with ylang-ylang oil in the bath. In addition to being a romantic mood setter, ylang-ylang has a quality to it that helps you be more focused in the here-and-now, and to get in touch with your sensual side.

Unique Romantic Essential Oil Blends

Here is a unique idea if you have beard you can try for sensual oils combinations. Use one of these, or find a blend that’s right for you.