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Up For A Furniture Upgrade For Your RV? 5 Things You Need To Know


So you have got your new toy, your motor home! It’s not just an ordinary vehicle; it is your home-on-wheels. Now, you must take necessary steps to give it a cozy, home-like feel. You need to install the right furniture to turn your RV into your private heaven. Although RVs come with built-in furniture, there is an immense scope for customization, especially if you have opted for a used motor home. Whether you are considering replacements or new installations, you will have to consider some special requirements. For example, you cannot just pick up an ordinary piece of household furniture and place it in your motor home. Any item you choose has to be functional as well as lightweight. In addition, you will also need to follow special installation techniques for RV furniture. Keeping all these in mind, we have made a list of six points that you will have to remember while buying furniture for your rig:

Think Multipurpose

Thinking of grace and design elaborations? NO! Not for your RV.

Think sleek and multi-functional, think convertible.

These are the pieces that can be easily converted into something else, adding more floor space to your rig. Multipurpose furniture can be placed in many different places in your RV – your kitchen, bath and even bedroom. Sofa-cum-bed is one of the greatest examples of convertible furniture. Use it as bed at night and as a sofa throughout the day. Add a hard top and you can even use it as a table. Want a few more examples? Benches with storage space beneath them and folding tables or seats that flip down.

Look For Deals and Save Big

Many RV showrooms offer discounts on the items from their previous year’s inventory lines. Avail these offers to achieve some cool savings. There is another way to save – buy used furniture. Many RV furniture shops sell them. Alternatively, you can purchase from eBay or other online stores. When buying online, be precise about the measurements, otherwise you will face problem in fitting them in the space you have.

Think Beyond RV-Specific Furniture

As long as they are not very heavy, you can actually use regular furniture in your RV. As far as the standard furniture sets are concerned, you have a lot of choice in terms of style. In addition, they are not as expensive as RV-specific pieces. However, keep in mind that you might have to bear additional expenses to fix the standard furniture properly to the RV floor.

Take Note of Installation

Installation charges may add considerably to your RV furniture costs. So before purchasing any unit, carefully evaluate its installation requirements. Smaller furniture sets are easy to install, but you may face hassles in setting up larger units. Don’t try to install them yourself, hire a professional to do the job. There is another point to keep in mind with regard to the installation – is your RV door big enough to let the newly bought piece pass through it? If not, you may need to remove a window or even the windshield to let it in.

Keep Your RV Usage in Mind

If your RV isn’t your permanent home, there is no point in procuring expensive furniture. If, however, you are up for full time RV-ing, a little more investment is completely justified. Whatever may be the case, keep the purpose of the furniture in mind before buying one.

When upgrading your RV furniture, it is extremely important to know exactly what you are buying. Ask yourself, do you really need the piece? Does the functionality justify the expenditure? Does your rig have the space to accommodate your new purchase? Buying a used motor home would definitely save considerable money. But, you still need to ask yourself these questions just to ensure that the money you manage to save is not spent on things that you can’t use. Keep our tips in mind, carefully assess your needs and upgrade your RV furniture for a more enjoyable road experience.

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