Tips For High School Art Students To Paint Fast

Tips For High School Art Students To Paint Fast


Do you still struggle to complete your Art projects on time? Even, the dedicated and hardworking students find the completion of the task as a very challenging activity. The skilled, perfectionist student can paint with high detailed observation and meet the deadline. Sometimes, parents are also unsure about how to give practical, positive idea for improvement of their children. As a painter, the faster you can paint, the better you will be.  Here, are some time-saving techniques for high school students as listed below:

  • Use a background: Students can cover a painting with the background color that can act as mid-tone to give uniformity and consistency in the artwork.  They can use   patterns, decorative or textual items  in the background that helps to complete the artwork more quickly.  Students can  show drawing skills in certain areas of the painting with patterned surfaces in other areas.
  • Work on several pieces at once: Students can work in certain parts of painting or more than one painting  simultaneously if it uses same color or same pattern. They can use a single color for various areas in painting without touching other areas of  painting.  So, one can work on several pieces at a time if you are a master of these techniques and execute the task at higher speed.
  • Paint things in the right order: It is found that the students are used to do painting in an illogical order. So, it is necessary that the background should be completed first, followed by middle ground and finally the foreground. If you can paint in a correct order, then you will find that painting has layers showing richness and luster.
  • Use a bigger brush: Beginners can use a bigger brush to cover more area in less time and is a better way to apply background layers. Sometimes, it is difficult to use the small brush, so it is better to use a big brush that saves the time.

Use masking tape for straight edges: If students want to paint straight line by hand, so masking tapes create straight edges in seconds. Once you master the technique, you can save hours that will make your painting look sharper and  cleaner.

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Bob Ransley was born in New England, and has constantly been on the move and has stayed across a variety of locations. He has been living in Maine for the past 6 years now, and his travels have been his inspiration for many of his finest works. He has become America’s most known colorist, due to the vast number of shades that he employs in his paintings.  Robert Ransley can be followed on social media at @Twitter , Google+ , Linkedin and Facebook. For more background information on Bob , see his full bio over here.