Things To Do Before You Move Into A New House


Moving to a new home often means to start a new life – a new place, new furniture and new ways to annoy your neighbours! But before you move, you’ve got to make sure that you’re all prepared to take the big step.

Here are a few Tips:

– Have a chat with the previous owner. Be sure to ask the him/her of all the essentials. This includes queries regarding appliances, TV services and additional media connections. Find out the exact color of paint on the walls to make it easier for you to renew the property. Also, don’t forget to ask about stores in and around your neighborhood.

– Take time to inform others of the move. This might seem a little time consuming, but nonetheless it’s still very important. Devote enough effort to inform various parties and important institutions of your move. For example: banks, newspapers and magazine subscriptions, utilities, health care providers, etc.

– Inspect the area before moving. Surveying your new property and making sure that it’s prepared for the arrival of your belongings will bring you some much needed peace. You’re soon going to have lots of boxes and objects to be organized. Make sure there are no problems with utilities and heating in your new home. Inspect the basement and the attic for possible problems and invest some time in cleaning these areas.

– Change the locks and install a security system. In order to have total assurance with regards to the safety of your family and your belongings, you must take appropriate security measures. Change all locks, and if that’s too expensive, at least have them re-keyed. Then install a security system.

– Lastly, it is a good idea to thoroughly clean your previous apartment before moving.

Now let’s shift our focus to the moving part. Here’s some advice for a good moving experience:

Get ready!

While you’re moving your things, you have the perfect opportunity to clean up and get rid of all those things that you do not use or do not need. If you’re someone who doesn’t like the idea of getting rid of your things, you can rent a storage on a monthly basis. Storages are particularly great for preserving old beach chairs, umbrellas and even summer clothes. The night before you start moving, park your car in front of your house and disconnect the refrigerator.

Prepare a survival kit

Think about the day after the moving, when you’re still not yet settled down. How are you going to spend the nights? On the floor? Wearing the same clothes? This means that you have to assemble your survival kit. Linens, towels, pajamas and a bag for grooming equipment are some of the things that you cannot miss out on. After all, you have to be well rested to organize things the next day.

Plan well in advance

Plan your objectives well in advance. It’s ideal to have everything ready, three weeks before moving day. To do this, first acquire packaging boxes from a good source – be it from merchants in your area or retail. Now, slowly start packing things that you wouldn’t normally need in your daily life. For example, you can start off with books and seasonal clothes, like sweaters. By doing this, most of your things would already be packed when things are supposed to go in full flow. Emergencies can be avoided, and your moving experience will be easy.

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