The Negative Effects Of Prolonged Exposure To Radiation From Your Phone


There have been a lot of studies confirming the potential risks of absorbing radiation in the body due to prolonged exposure, especially from using cellphones. As a result, it could lead to brain tumours or other forms of cancer. It might seem difficult to believe, but there are studies that have revealed statistically significant links. In the event that you are not a believer, then it is fine. Take note though that there are other potential health hazards from using a phone.

The Negative Effects Of Prolonged Exposure To Radiation From Your Phone

  1. Dizziness

Radiation exposure may lead to dizziness, disorientation and nausea. If it has the ability to alter your cells, imagine what it can do as an immediate effect on your body. Our body is exposed to small doses of radiation on a daily basis. However, it might pose a serious threat if overexposed.

  1. Anxiety

This is also a possibility. You might say that anxiety is psychological and it has nothing to do with radiation. Take note that radiation affects the brain and its ability to think. You might just find yourself in a situation where you feel anxious, sad or uneasy for no reason. This could be attributed to exposure to radiation.

  1. Recurring headache

There were also some studies that have linked exposure to radiation with constant headaches. This is where you suffer from the same problem over and over again and you can’t figure out the reason why. You think that you sleep on time and you eat healthy. Therefore, you shouldn’t suffer from migraine or recurring headaches. This is where radiation could be pointed out as the reason.

In short, you need to stay away from your phone especially when it is not essential. You might not believe that it can cause cancer, but it is true that it could lead to these problems. They might seem like minor health issues, but they could lead to something more problematic in the long run.

You might also consider using emf protection jewellery. Aside from your phone, there are a lot of other devices around you that emit radiation. Therefore, you have to protect yourself. Rest assured, you are not going to lose anything if you give this jewellery a try. You can order it over the web or you can check out your local stores. They are not just the usual radiation protection items that others might even deem as a hoax. They are a product of scientific studies and are proven to be effective in blocking radiation so it won’t harm the body. Today, when almost all devices might emit radiation, it is in your best interest to stay protected.