The Common Healthcare and Safety Tips For Seniors Living Alone


The number of seniors living independently continues to grow day after day. However, being in the age where you are prone to accidents and health threats, this living arrangement has its risks. It doesn’t mean that you can’t keep yourself safe from accidents and dangers, though. Here are some home tips that could help you out when you’re living alone.

Stock a Pile of Healthy Goods and Food

As older seniors, you have to ensure that you eat a lot of healthy food to keep you fit and strong. In rainy and winter seasons, it will be dangerous for you to go out and buy food always, so be sure you store a necessary amount in your fridge.

Keep Emergency Hotlines within Reach

Always post emergency hotline numbers where you can easily spot them. If you can, put them save in shortcut dial on your phone. Some of the hotlines you should consider include the  Police Department, Fire Department, Emergency and Rescue Units, Poison Control, the nearest hospital, and a family member or a friend you can count on.

Your immediate family members or friends should not only be contacted during times of emergencies. Make sure to call them and tell them how you are doing once in awhile. It is also good if you let them pay you some visit.

Avoid Tripping Over

Make sure that you wear anti-slip footwears while in the house. Use a cane also to guide you if necessary. Clear your home of materials and objects that you might cause accidents. It’s also best that you install carpet on the floor so as to avoid it from being slippery.

When in the bathroom, install grab bars near the shower and toilet to help you move around safely. You can also put rubber mats.

Protect yourself from Fire Hazards

Fire is a very tricky and perilous enemy. Avoid octopus connections of your electric appliances. Overloading is a common cause of house fires. Installing a smoke detector also helps, especially if you are alone in your home.

Prevent Poisoning Hazards

If you take a lot of medications to keep your health in check every day, avoid mixing them by putting labels on each bottle or box in large prints. This way, it’ll be easier for you to identify which ones you need to take. Post a large note in your walls or refrigerators to keep you reminded about the dosage of your medicines.

For cleaning products, never transfer them to other containers so you would not mistakenly use them for purposes other than what they are intended for. Avoid mixing products as well to prevent creating deadly gases.

Keep yourself Safe from Criminals

Some criminals continuously lurk around looking for their next victim. Since you are living alone, make sure that your windows and doors are locked up securely all the time. Do not let someone you do not know enter your home.

If you’re living in a senior housing, you’ll worry less about burglary as there will be guards to maintain security.


Be extra careful and be considerate of your well-being and safety. If you want to enjoy your days living alone fully, following these guidelines would help you.