Taking The ‘Smart’ To The Next Level

Taking The ‘Smart’ To The Next Level


While we still haven’t gotten to the flying vehicles stage, the life enjoyed by the famous cartoons the Jetsons is closer to us now than ever before. The first step is to contact your apartment locators to find ideal apartments to implement your technology center in.

It all starts and ends with having a strong Wi-Fi signal in your apartment. After that, it’s just a matter of playing around with the right devices and apps, and you should be able to monitor your entire apartment from your phone, computer or tablet.

Even if having a router is not a requisite for having a wireless connection, for the purpose of creating your own smart hub at home you should have a Wireless-N router for the most reliable connection. For older devices, you will need an adapter that has backwards compatibility. This will give you speeds of upto 300Mb, which can support all your devices comfortably.

The Entertainment Hub

Technology has for most become synonymous with better entertainment. The techie apartment must therefore include a Smart TV, configured to give access to favorite movies and shows, sports, social media platforms, games among others. Include Wi-Fi, stereo and good speakers for better sound quality.

Use advanced technologies created to stream audio files from your storage centers to listen to music. Some of them include Apple Airplay®, Bluetooth and AptX®. Complete the package with a set of wireless headphones so you don’t cause your neighbors too much interruption. These usually have a 300-foot range on average, so you can do stuff while listening to music easily.

You should also consider installing a mediaserver – it could be your laptop, computer or mini-laptop. Put all you videos, photos, movies and music there, and in some form of system for easy access. Create a backup drive just in case. There are media server software like XBMC and Plex which can help you with the organization.

The Lighting System

Nothing creates ambience like good lighting. Install smart LED lights which you can control from wherever you are in the house, or even halfway across the world. Connecting your lighting can give you the options of regulating color, brightness and switching from your mobile phone or tablet.

This way, you can turn lights on and off in various parts of the house even when you’re away, dim them during a romantic dinner, change colors or set alarms to turn the lights on to wake you in the morning. Attached to motion sensors, you can have the lights come on and off as you enter and exit a room.

The advantage is that LED bulbs are made to fit the standard fixtures so you won’t have to replace those, only the actual bulbs.

Automate the Entire House

There are apps and programs that allow you to regulate devices that aren’t configured to Wi-Fi. For instance, having a motion sensor to turn on lighting and heating when you come in, or you can set a timer to turn on the heating a few minutes before you’re due to get in. turn your oven and dishwasher on or off on the go, so you don’t have to freak out if you forget to switch it off.

While we may not have the technology for our very own Rozie (the Jetsons’ robot housekeeper), we can certainly come might close, thanks to the advances that have been made.

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