Speaking Without Talking: The Conversations We Have With Ourselves

Speaking Without Talking: The Conversations We Have With Ourselves


Addicts become experts at either shutting off that little voice in their heads that tells them they are doing something wrong or at listening to that little voice when it speaks negatively about who they are. Cognitive restructuring is a technique that teaches individuals how to recognize those twisted thoughts and replace them with thoughts that are both positive and realistic. Here are some ways to manage that little voice and make it a positive one.

Ask yourself who is Speaking

How one thinks and what one hears are two important aspects to figuring out who is actually talking. Everyone has a positive side and a negative side. Addicts often shut out the positive side and develop an intricate relationship with the negative side of who they are. But they no longer have to live with that voice. Help is available through women’s programs at a depression rehab or through a women’s treatment center.

When you have a thought that seems negative or familiar, ask yourself who is talking.

Don’t Listen to Doubt

Doubt is part of the negative voice: those whispered thoughts that tell people that they cannot accomplish a goal or change. The downer voice is also part of the negative voice. It tells people that they are not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough or that they are not liked. It repeats itself enough times that people begin to believe it. The good news is that you can take the power away from that negative voice and replace it with something positive. The trick is learning to recognize the negative voice before it takes a toll on you. You don’t have to listen to that voice any longer. A women’s treatment center can help you find your positive voice.

When that negative voice is filling your head with doubt, then banish it by saying quietly to yourself, “I can do this.” Repeat that process until you feel the positive power of that lift you up and empower your motivation. You might have to say that phrase ten times or a thousand times to feel that power, but you can do it. You might need help, and a depression rehab center can help.

Learn to look at who you are

Look at your life. Certain conditions tend to facilitate more negativity than others. Depression and anxiety are two such conditions that are negative. If you suffer from either of those, then depression rehab or a women’s treatment center might be just what you need.

Women suffer from depression and anxiety more than men do, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. That is one reason we offer a women’s treatment center. The treatment for women who suffer from depression is different from the treatment for men. By realizing that difference, we can offer programs, such as cognitive restructuring, that help you learn to think in a positive way. Which type of program you choose should depend on both your addiction and the depth of your negative voice. If you need help evaluating those issues, just call us. We can help set you up with the help you need to recover.