Spa Treatments During Pregnancy


Expectant mothers today are more dynamic way of life; their social relevance is much higher than before. But of course, they want to be not less beautiful and healthy than before pregnancy and all this makes the modern woman in “interesting position” to seek an additional range of services to maintain their psycho-emotional and physiological state.

Spa itself as a place of high comfort and the most improved service helps to find the beauty and health, avoiding any kind was negative emotions. But for pregnant women the presence of additional positive emotions, sensitivity and attentiveness of staff, increased comfort conditions are simply vital.

If during the procedure of the expectant mother will not be able to relax, to feel comfortable not to be constantly thinking about the safety of the baby and positive effect of the procedure will not work.

This is exactly the case when every detail is important: every word, every smile, smells, atmosphere, music, lighting and colors everything. And the spa, with its holistic approach helps to solve all these problems at once.

All body care for pregnant women generally are based on the same scheme – a relaxing massage or full body seaweed wraps, specific problems (i.e. care of the bust, the prevention of stretch marks, removal of edema, special skin care and stomach)

It is important that used in the care of the safest cosmetic products. Algae and elements of thalassotherapy, as well as possible, by the way, meet all the requirements and a solid position in such care. The composition of algae and sea water includes trace elements necessary for child growth and proper formation.

Usually these substances child “chooses” my mother, which leads to the deterioration of her hair, teeth and nails, as well as contributes to increased bone fragility. When conducting seaweed wraps during pregnancy, these substances enter the body in addition to the mother bio abusive mom condition and protect mother from showing their flaws. From the standpoint of cosmetology, seaweed baths significantly increase the elasticity of the skin, being an excellent prevention of stretch marks, and can significantly reduce the depth of existing stretch marks.

In itself, seaweed wraps performed at a temperature of 36ºC and the whole is a very comfortable relaxing procedure that allows the expectant mother to relax and even sleep. Very important special massages for pregnant women that can be performed both before and after wrapping.

Relaxation massage, usually preceded wrap, they help to relieve tension in the back and waist, adjust to rest and positive emotions. Specialized massages aimed at solving specific problems of aesthetic and often performed after wrapping when the woman is completely relaxed.

This can be strengthened or simulating breast massage, special massage of the abdomen and lumbar lymph drainage massage limbs and others.

Face Care beautician chooses depending on the individual needs of each individual woman. It is advisable to avoid any physio-procedures and treatments using aggressive active ingredients, such as various acid peeling. For more details please visit Nail salon in Manhattan NY and Cheap Manicures in Manhattan NY.