Some Scientific Reasons Why We Tend To Put On Weight During Winter

Some Scientific Reasons Why We Tend To Put On Weight During Winter


For many of us, winter means more foods being served in front of you. In the four seasons of the year, winter cold season is the only season that people tend to spend months and months of preparation for. Therefore, so that those buffet parties or dinner dates won’t go to waste, the cold months of winter are also known as holiday food coma to some.

Accepting the reality that gaining extra pounds in winter can’t be prevented. Still, some chose to search hard for answers for their why’s, how’s and what’s. So now, the long search is over. We have done the work for you to help you gain knowledge on why this happens to your body, how it can be prevented and what to avoid to reverse the promising weight gain during winter.

1. It’s a Tradition.

Yup! The most likely causes of gaining weight in winter are simply because it is a tradition. According to some scientists, those extra pounds that you gain during the holiday season can be blamed to the environment itself. Celebrations and parties during holidays are part of people’s culture which makes an excellent excuse of overeating and less time to focus on your weight loss milestones at home. So indulging in those cookies made by Grandma can be a valid excuse from time to time, however, forgetting your balanced diet during a holiday party is what will definitely give you that “traditional pounds” in winter.

2. It’s Dark Outside.

Have you observed that days are shorter during winter? Sunlight is the primary source of vitamin D for our body. And since there are lesser daytime, lesser sun exposure, and lesser physical activities during winter, our body declines in synthesizing the vitamin D which reduces fat burning activities in our system, therefore, more fat is stored. In addition to this studies, researchers have found out that people who don’t get much sunlight during the day are more obese and overweight than those who have more sun exposures.

3. Blame It On The Serotonin.

And sometimes, it is our hormones that are to blame for the winter weight gain that we can’t avoid. One of the hormones that may cause this unwanted gain is serotonin. For those who do not know, serotonin is the hormone that regulates our craving and appetite. During the cold season, the levels of this hormone in our body tend to fall to its lowest because our body tends to produce more of this hormone when we are exposed to sunlight. Another way to produce serotonin in the body is to eat sugary and starchy foods which cause insulin secretion. The production of insulin in the body lowers down our blood sugar levels, causing us to crave more of these sugary treats.

4. More Salty Diet.

We all know that during the cold days, sugary treats are everywhere. We focus so much on avoiding sweet desserts and comfort foods as we know that a single bite can lead to excess calories intake. However, in this scenario, we tend to neglect to monitor our salt consumption as well. Foods with higher sodium content, like processed or canned goods, take the time to be fully digested by the body. As a result, bloating and sudden weight gain takes place. If necessary, avoid foods like mac n’ cheese in the buffet table and go straight to the salad section. Don’t worry, one day, when the holidays are over, you know, you have gained a positive reward in choosing salad more than any food served in front of you.

5. More Sleep Hormones.

Hibernation can be one of the causes of gaining weight in winter. During the cold days, our body tends to hibernate. This is what others call as “the bed weather”. Due to the freezing coldness, our brain signals our brain some sleepy hormones to prepare it to hibernate and reach for the warm blankets in our bed.

People tend to consume proper or more often, excess calories throughout the day. If our brain keeps on producing sleepy hormones, then we are most likely to choose sleep rather than performing some exercises or completing your weight loss goals. As a result, fewer fats are burned by our body in winter.

There are many reasons to enjoy winter. You don’t have to be depressed and hide yourself to avoid those weight gain traps that you might fell victim to. Keep in mind that the lesser you think about it, the lesser effect it will have on your body. You’re the only one who is responsible for things that will happen so stand out and overcome those pounds waiting to get in your body.