Protect Your Health While On Holiday


Looking forward to a relaxing holiday with friends and family is a time honoured tradition. Visiting exciting new locales, traveling abroad or even taking an exotic cruise inspire lifelong memories. However, if you find yourself in the middle of a health emergency while on vacation, you will need high-quality insurance to cover your expenses. When you insure your next vacation with Medical Travel Compared, you will have the coverage you need to take care of any holiday emergency.

Different Types of Policies

When you are planning for your cruise, it’s very important to ensure that you have a policy that covers specific cruise related emergencies that could seriously affect your enjoyment. While they don’t happen often, these related events can put a damper on the enjoyment of your holiday. There are events that could occur such as cabin confinement, a missed port departure, a change in the itinerary, an interruption of the trip or even the inability to partake in prepaid excursions. You will find that these expensive occurrences will be easier to handle when you have a policy that covers them. Adding this comprehensive coverage in addition to your medical policy will cover all the areas that will give you peace of mind during your exciting cruise. Don’t forget to include the destinations you will be visiting to make sure you are covered in each port of call.

If you are over 65, you’re enjoying the rewards of a lifetime of hard work. Now that you are free to enjoy the benefits of free time, you’re ready to see the sights you’ve dreamed about. Make sure that you have premium insurance to give you peace of mind coverage for all of your destinations. Although this is a great time to enjoy leisurely holidays, many insurers increase their premiums or even deny coverage to many people over 65. There’s no need to worry. There are several insurers who specialize in providing comprehensive insurance that’s affordable. It is important to declare any pre-existing conditions that you may have and also mention any medications that you may be taking to make sure the policy is tailored to your needs. Even if the medication is only precautionary and your health is well controlled, you still need to provide this information. In the event of any emergency, you will be well covered.

Depending on your destination and length of your holiday, you may want to consider single trip insurance. If you do not vacation often, this type of coverage provides complete insurance for a single trip. There is a wide range of events that are covered with this type of policy, including personal accident, trip cancellation and even lost or stolen property. Some factors that affect the pricing of these policies include your age and any medical conditions you may live with. During the medical screening process during application, you will have the opportunity to list any and all conditions and medications that affect your current health so that a proper quote can be obtained. Declaring your destination will affect the cost of coverage as well. Travel within Europe tends to result in lower quotes while destinations such as the USA, Caribbean and Canada tend to produce higher quotes.

When your travel itinerary extends throughout the year to several destinations, you may want to consider the convenience of an annual multi-trip policy. Being able to take off on a moment’s notice or arranging your holidays knowing you already have proper coverage brings peace of mind. However, there are several things you need to know about this type of insurance. If you have any health conditions, the approval parameters for this specific coverage can be stricter than other types. Your insurer wants to be confident that your health conditions are stable and well managed before offering this type of policy. If you have been recently diagnosed, are waiting for a procedure or are in the middle of any type of health investigation, you most likely would be denied for this coverage. If you are currently enrolled in this type of policy, it is a requirement that you inform the insurer of any changes in your health condition, as this could affect continued coverage. Failure to do so could result in your not being covered should an event occur regarding an undeclared health issue.

When applying for a multi-trip policy, there are different combinations of coverage which can add convenience for you and your family. Choosing from individual, couple and family coverage can add quality and value to your policy. When you have a family policy, you have the option of traveling alone, as a couple or having at least one insured adult on the policy accompany a child. Make sure to examine the policy closely to ensure the length of your trip is covered. If you are taking a 45-day trip and the policy only covers 31 days, adding supplementary insurance or adding a single trip policy is crucial. On an annual multi-trip policy, everyone must reside at the same address in order to ensure coverage.

Health Coverage that Works with All Types of Policies

No matter which type of policy you are looking for, you will want to be sure that all of your health needs are addressed. All of the single, multi-trip, cruise and policies for those over 65 can be combined with thorough health policies that protect you against any number of health concerns. With convenient, easy to answer screening questions, this crucial coverage gives you the peace of mind to enjoy your holiday. Adding traveling companions to your policy is easy and protects them if you experience anything that interrupts your trip. If they purchase separate insurance, they may find themselves without the coverage they need to be reimbursed in the event of your needing to cut your trip short, so don’t miss out on this important step when applying for comprehensive insurance. If your traveling companions have purchased their own policy within the past 14 days, they can request a refund and be added to your policy to ensure full coverage for everyone.