Making Garage Space Your Favourite Place

Making Garage Space Your Favourite Place


Are you one of the many homeowners that look at their garage and think, “so much space; so little happening in it!” If you’ve got better ideas for the space than merely parking the car and storing your stuff, this guide to transforming your garage covers the how-to of the project.

Garage Transformation Steps

Let’s look at how to transform your garage into space you can create something special in. Specific products are included where applicable to reduce your research time and speed the process from design to implementation.

1. Reduce and organize garage items

If the space is being used for general storage, find better options for your stuff. Build overhead storage in the garage, add hooks and shelving to the wall and install storage outside the garage, something like the all-steel Backyard Buddy locker .

2. Add plumbing

This is an expensive upgrade, so not everyone will undertake it, but it does maximize the utility of the space. Plumbing allows for a half or full bath, kitchen, wet bar, utility sink or washing machine. It is essential if the garage transformation includes permanent living space.

3. Thoroughly clean the garage

Use concrete cleaner to remove stains and grease from the floor. Paint the floor or cover it in specialty flooring like Garage Tek that is handsome, durable and easy to clean.

4. Upgrade the electrical

Most garages have just a few outlets. You’ll likely want several complete circuits to handle outlets and lighting. Adding a new 100-amp service will prevent the house’s electrical service from being overwhelmed by the demands in the garage.

5. Install an air conditioning system

Most garages do not have ductwork from the central air conditioning system to battle the Australian heat. A compact split system from Fujitsu, LG or Mitsubishi is a perfect choice, providing cooled and heated air as needed. No ductwork is necessary. The outside unit is mounted to a wall or installed on a pad. Indoors, one of more wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, console or bulkhead units deliver treated air to the garage whilst removing excess humidity in AC mode for maximum comfort.

6. Upgrade the Lighting

Efficient LED lighting and natural lighting reduce energy use and costs.  Beacon Lighting has a good-looking, highly functional range of lighting for the garage. If you prefer sunlight during the day, Solatube standard skylights and tubular skylights deliver an amazing amount of natural daylight that will dramatically brighten your garage.

7. Finish the space with Plasterboard

Create a “white box” to which you can add the colors, pictures, shelving, cabinets, décor and other items to produce customised space. Don’t forget to insulate the walls and ceiling to assist the split system in indoor climate control.

Your Garage Transformation is Well Begun

They say that well begun is half done. With these upgrades, your garage transformation is well on its way to being a success. Now, finish the garage to match how the space will be used, and it is quite likely the once-lonely garage will become your favourite place to be.