How To Make Moving House Easier


Moving house is usually a very stressful experience and starts the moment you put your present home on the market. Will it attract many viewings? Will the estate agent market it in the right places? Will you get the price you want for it? All these individual things can add up to a time fraught with apprehension, so anything that can make life easier for you should be considered.

Choose Your Estate Agent Carefully

Start by choosing your estate agent carefully. Read any online reviews you can to make sure you get the most reliable company. Don’t just pick the cheapest without being certain they can do a good job for you.

Present Your Home In A Clean & Tidy Condition

To maximise your chances of selling, present your home in a clean and tidy condition. Put away as many things as possible in cupboards and drawers so your home doesn’t look cluttered and lacking in space. Whilst you are doing this try to de-personalise your home to a certain extent to allow potential buyers to imagine their possessions in the home instead of yours.

See It As An Opportunity To Get Rid Of Junk

Use it as an opportunity to get rid of all the things you have accumulated over the years but no longer need. How many “useful” items are you storing in the garage in the vague hope that they will come in useful one day? If you’ve had no reason to use them up to now, you probably never will. Hiring a skip (such as we did recently from local Basildon based Reds Skip Hire before putting our house up on the market) will make the job much easier as you can load it up on your drive and get rid of everything you won’t need all at once. Skips come in a variety of different sizes so take a look at the company’s website for guidance on the size you will need. Skip hire is usually for about a week, however you’ll often find you can keep it a bit longer by making a quick phone call. Once you’ve loaded all your rubbish in, by contacting the hire company they will remove the skip from your premises leaving your property clutter free.