How Do tens Units Relieve Pain Without The Need Of Medication

How Do Tens Units Relieve Pain Without The Need Of Medication


TENS units or Transcutaneous Electrical nerve stimulation is an innovative device that is of great use in treating back problems and is a non-pharmacological cure for providing relief from pain in the body. It is very necessary that people understand how do tens units relieve pain before making use of this battery-operated device. It is very easy to use this device which is allied by two electrodes, which are hooked to a belt. The electrodes are placed on the surface of the skin and on the area of pain, and electrical impulses are sent through it that travel all the way through the nerve fibers creating an itchy sensation.

Is it Safe to Use TENS?

It is indeed safe to use the Tens unit, and  the frequency of electrical current that  passes through the  electrodes for controlling body pain are mild and can be used according to the requirement. The device must be used only after consulting your physical therapist, and certain precautions should be followed to gain effective results from this innovative device. The electrical impulses that pass through the electrodes are beneficial in invigorating the nerve blocks by producing Endorphins which are excellent and innate painkillers.

Care should be taken that the tens unit is not placed on irritated skin and one must not make use of this device while having a shower or while driving. The tens unit must not be used even while sleeping and in case any burn or rash appears, which lasts for more than six hours, it is necessary that you consult your Doctor. It is very interesting to know how do best tens units relieve pain in the back or any part of the body as well as provide relaxation to the body. It is made possible by placing the sticky electrodes on the painful region, through which light current is passed. It is known to interrupt the throbbing cycle by conveying a non-painful feeling in the region of the pain.

Important Side-effects

The tens units do not cause any side-effects, as this nerve stimulation therapy is very safe; it is only in rare cases does it cause harm when the intensity of the electrical current is high. The effects it causes on the foetus of pregnant women is unknown, and hence, it is better that they avoid the use of this device.

It is strictly advisable that heart patients do not use this device. You must be aware of the proper usage of this device and how do tens units relieve pain before making use of it at home. The other people who must not make use of the tens unit are those who make use of defibrillators, infusion pumps, pacemakers and other similar devices. They must  stay away  from the elements of electrical current.  It is always preferable that we understand the proper usage of this device and how do tens unit relieve pain as they work differently for every individual and is not appropriate for one and all.