Growth of the Vaping Industry – Things to Learn About Electronic Devices


The electronic cigarette industry has seen immense improvement in the past several years. Due to its popularity and growth, it has turned into a three billion dollar industry today. Many people are still not aware of the working of these electronic cigarettes. As you take a drag of e-cig, it will activate the battery, which will automatically heat up the atomizer and fluid. You have to take it much like any ordinary cigarette. The compounds like vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and flavors are added to make the fluid.

Explore the history of electric cigarettes

The electronic cigarettes was first produced by a heavy smoker namely Hon Lik. His father died due to serious life threatening lung cancer. This inspired him to create an effective alternative to nicotine cigarettes. He invented the battery powered products that vaporize the e-liquids to provide same effect as that of traditional cigarettes. They are safe when compared to nicotine products as they do not contain harmful chemicals.

In the beginning, the industry was not able to gather attention by the masses. The eliquid tasted bad and batteries offered poor performance to users. The adopters gave up within few days. The new manufacturers realized the potential behind these products and built better e-cigs for the convenience and comfort of masses. They used top quality components that minimized chances of mistake.

How are the newly developed devices better?

Today, the electronic cigarettes have grown to higher level. The batteries and adapters have many assorted features to choose from. These devices resemble the traditional cigarettes to a great extent. They are available in variety of sizes, configurations and shapes.

The newly developed components have variable wattage or voltage settings. Some of the reputed brands are available with personalized tanks. The pen shaped models are gaining popularity these days. You could carry them anywhere in your pocket. These elegant cylindrical shaped models are available in variety of colors to choose from.

These days, you could get the customized models just by paying few hundred dollars. Many manufacturers like VapeRanger offers 100% guarantee on these e-cigs. They use beautifully and costly materials like gold plating, stabilized wood, high grade steel etc. to manufacture such products. This helps them to maintain a strong reputation in the market.

There is range of atomizers with great functionality to choose from. They fall under three main categories including-

  • The cartomisers
  • The premade atomizers
  • Clearomizers

To have a brilliant e-cig experience, you must choose great juices to put in them. There are luxury blends of fruits, desserts and many other exotic flavors to choose from. Many trustworthy companies offer great options like vanilla, butterscotch, chocolate, white chocolate, coffee, great apple, mango, strawberry and many other mouthwatering flavors.

You must not wait to get a sizzling hot or refreshing experience. The e-cigs are available at highly affordable prices. However, before placing the order, you have to check few things. Make sure that the juice has lower strength of nicotine. Else, it would not be easier for you to quit smoking.


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