Foundation Supports Healthcare, Education and Environmental Improvements


The Bayat Foundation was founded by Ehsan Bayat, which focuses on aiding residents of Afghanistan. This Afghani native now works hard to help those from his homeland based upon his own experiences in the country. Ehsan serves on holds several political seats and works hard to improve life for those struggling in Afghanistan. This foundation is in place for all of the right reasons.

Orphan Support

Given that advancements in medicine are not available to everyone in Afghanistan due to financial restraints and the lack of funds for public vaccination programs, many children are left orphaned. The economy in Afghanistan is suffering and unable to support the orphans alone. The Bayat Foundation provides financial aid to orphanages for their needs. This includes providing clean water, food, clothing and ample shelter for those without parents.

Cleaner Water Systems

Digging wells for clean sources of water is important to this foundation. Clean drinking water helps prevent many illnesses that are contracted from drinking dirty or contaminated drinking water. The wells themselves are costly. The foundation collects funds from donations, grants and fundraisers to dig and install these wells.

The foundation continues to work on obtaining funds to install more clean wells for Afghani residents. There are multiple locations that still have contaminated or dirty drinking water.

Proper Education

Education is important to the Bayat Foundation. This foundation firmly believes that there is much room for improvement in regards to education efforts in Afghanistan. Many children are without proper education. This leaves many children without basic reading, writing and arithmetic skills. While children do learn life skills just from adapting to their surroundings, they are not learning valuable information.

The setting for education is not always a classroom in this country either. The funds for building schools or converting abandoned buildings simply aren’t available. The foundation is in place to help provide qualified teachers and a place to teach. This can be a tent with tables and chairs or a building that gets fixed up so that it is suitable for school aged children to inhabit.

Healthcare for Women and Children

One of the main focuses of this foundation is healthcare. Women and children suffer the most from medical problems. They are the ones that most often go without care due to lack of funds and public program availability. The foundation works to secure grant funding and donations to provide vaccinations and basic medical care for those that require it. It also helps to find doctors for those with terminal illnesses or chronic ailments as well.

When a foundation is based upon life experiences, it gives the backstory so much more meaning. This is the case with Mr. Bayat’s foundation. He started this foundation based upon what he has experienced in his own life. He wishes to make a difference and wishes to ensure that Afghanis have the basic necessities in life. This includes clean drinking water, proper education and healthcare. It is rare to see a foundation based upon these fundamentals alone.


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