5 Disgusting and Dangerous House Pests


Pests aren’t just annoying. They pose a serious threat to you, and everyone else in the household. When I think of house pests, some pretty creepy images come to mind. As it turns out, there is an entire parade of scary creatures lurking in your home. Pest control shouldn’t be a simple investment; it should be a priority, because the safety of your entire family rests in the safety of your living habitat.

It might be surprising, but it is not the giant spiders, scorpions and house centipedes that you should be afraid of. According to recent studies, it is the smallest and seemingly inoffensive pests that carry the deadliest of diseases. Click here to find out more detail: http://zigbee-automation-home.com

Here is a countdown of the most dangerous house pests you might encounter.

1. Cockroaches

Oh yes, the first thing that comes to mind when you think of unwanted home invaders, is the cockroach. These gross little bugs can pose serious threat especially to people who suffer from allergies. Moreover, cockroach infestations can cause asthma. Little children, in particular, should be protected from them, as they can cause severe allergic reactions.

2. Rats

Not only are they scary as hell, but they are extremely dangerous. Rats are known to bite, and along with other common rodents like squirrels, deer mice and prairie dogs, they can carry plague. Murine typhus is another disease that you should be aware of. They can enter a home through a whole the size of a quarter, so make sure you insulate it very well. If you have problems with them, you should hire the best pest control company as soon as possible.

3. House Flies

House flies aren’t an unusual sight, but you would be surprised to hear how dangerous they are. They may not be scary in a visual way, but they carry multiple types of diseases which can be easily transmitted to humans. Typhoid, diarrhea, and tuberculosis are only a few examples.

4. Fleas

These little bugs, which are the size of a poppy seed covered in spines are the best definition of the word disgusting. Not only do they bite, but they also create rashes and itching. Some actually spread diseases like the bubonic plague or Murine typhus. Yes, I am trying to make you afraid! You absolutely have to protect your precious home from creepy things like flees.

5. Mosquitoes

Summers is right around the corner, and besides fun in the sun, it can only mean one thing: Mosquitoes. If you ever thought that vampire exist, you were right. They come in the form of a tiny, blood-sucking insect which can cause serious problems with a single bite. Among the many.