Designing Your Dream House:


Building a house is a standout among the most critical and costly job in everyone’s life. A house is your character, it’s the spot for solace for you, it is the spot where you go toward the end of your day, thus it is important that everything in that house must be legitimate, sound and satisfying for you and your friends and family as well.

While constructing a house, you must consider every last component; as it is not a simple job to change or undo anything about a house therefore it is suggested that you consider all the variables and alternative before finalizing any design.

Significance of windows in houses:

As it has been discussed before, every component of your house needs your attention. One of the most vital elements to consider before building a house is the windows.

Windows are very important as it connects or joins your house with the outside world.It is a passage for both air and sunlight for your house, without both fresh air and sunlight your house could be very dingy.

Types of windows:

Because of their design, usage and style there are various types of windows; you can pick the window that fits perfectly according to your requirement.

Below are the most common types of windows:

1.     Awning windows:

It is a horizontal window that could be opened outside. It is idea for placing these windows at the top of the wall to allow hot air to escape. It is ideal for rain, as the window open outside; it allows air to enter but prevents water drops to enter.

2.     Casement Windows:

A casement window is a simple vertical window which swings out like a door. It allows a bigger view and better ventilation as compared to other windows. It is also energy-efficient too as it can be easily sealed.

3.     Double Hung Windows:

This type of windows of have two halves, the window can be opened vertically. It is ideal for all rooms as it provides better ventilation and its unique style. The windows don’t open out, make it ideal for areas where houses are built very close or even for apartments

4.     Picture Windows:

Picture windows also known as the fixed window cannot be opened, it provides the better view as it usually a single frame. These windows are ideal for being built in front of garden, sea or any place with a beautiful view.  They are not useful for the ventilation purpose but are helpful for lighting purposes.

5.     Bay Windows:

Bay window can add style and uniqueness in your house by blurring the line between the inside and outside of the house. It looks stylish and provides the most amount of sunlight.

6.     Jalousie Windows:

They are made up of glass slats in metal clips that can be manually rotated to be opened and closed. They are ideal for hot climatic regions as they provide ventilation, but cannot seal a room.

7.     Hopper Windows:

They look similar to the awning windows but they are opened in. they are most popular choice for basement. Theyare the best for ventilation, but are worst for a rainy day, as it allows water to enter the room very easily.

8.     Vinyl windows:

Unlike the above mentioned windows vinyl windows are different because of its composition rather than style. A vinyl windows aurora is manufactured from polyvinyl chloride, which make them impact resistant.

Author’s bio:

Jenna has been working with a private company that designs entry doors in Toronto.