Dehumidifiers around the home


Have you ever dragged out a jumper that you don’t often wear from the depths of your wardrobe, only to find it smelling distinctly like a wet dog? Unfortunately, due to the British climate, where humidity is higher than on the European continent, this is most likely an all too common occurrence. This happens when damp infiltrates your house and can have an effect on all aspects of the home. Admittedly, this is much more frequent in older buildings where the insulation is perhaps not as strong as newer buildings; however, dampness can find its way into almost any home.

Damp can not only affect your clothes, but will also affect the property itself, with particularly bad cases showing greenish, black marks on walls that are farthest away from heating, in dark corners of rooms. Not only is this unhygienic and aesthetically unpleasant, it is also bad for your health. Having visible signs of damp and mould in the home can not only affect people with respiratory problems, but also young children, babies and elderly people. It can also make respiration more difficult and potentially lead to people suffering from asthma and skin irritations, such as eczema.

The solution

Whilst damp in the home can cause problems such as food going off more quickly, and other issues, such as clothes smelling old and musty, visible signs of damp can have dramatic health implications. Therefore it is necessary that you deal with this quickly and effectively. One of the best solutions is to buy a dehumidifier from a specialist such as Meaco. Meaco dehumidifiers offer a vast range of dehumidifiers for a large range of different uses. Dehumidifiers vary in size, depending on the room you would like it to operate in. Some domestic dehumidifiers are no larger than a small bathroom bin, and can be left for hours in the corner of a room making little to no noise. Dehumidifiers essentially suck in the moisture in the air and collect water in a small container that can be emptied every couple of days, depending on the humidity and size of the container.

Simply put, if neglected, damp and mould in the home can have serious health implications. There is an easy solution: buy a dehumidifier that will lower moisture levels and help you get rid of ugly sights and smells!