Coffee May Help to Prevent Diabetes


It is widely known that diets could either decrease or increase the risk of diabetes. A study recently revealed that coffee may have a role in preventing the emergence of diabetes. Another study claimed that a diet with high content of animal-related product could increase the risk of people suffering from Type 2 Diabetes. It’s quite unfortunate that Type 2 Diabetes still affects a large part of the general population. There have been many studies under way on how lifestyle and food could affect the development of the illness.

In reality, the relationship between reduced risk of Type 2 Diabetes and regular coffee consumption has been known over the past few years. The finding is still considered as a meta-analysis and it has been published in a number of journals. This means that after analyzing all the evidences and data from studies, researchers may have come with something that’s quite consistent. It is concluded that drinking a couple cups of coffee each day could reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes by about 12 percent. However, the beneficial effect could be blunted in people with factors that increase the risk of developing this disease, such as obesity.

Researchers have pointed a number of likely explanations on how this could work. Caffeine and polyphenols may have a role, but one particular substance known as the chlorogenic acid may have the ability to slow down the sugar or glucose absorption and fend off inflammation.

A team of researchers from French has also reported recently that eating pattern could affect risk of Type 2 Diabetes development. They have been observing about 60,000 of participants for a few decades and found that lifestyle and diet could influence their health. They regularly measure the acid levels, which are believed to have a contribution on the risk of diabetes.

Women with regular consumption of animal-based foods, such as meat and cheese, seemed to have higher acid load, On the other hand, plant-based food such as vegetables and fruits tend to form alkaline precursors, which neutralize the acidity on our body.

Contrary to popular belief, fruits with higher acid content, such as oranges and lemons may actually to lower the risk of diabetes. Patients should also consider eating food with low glycemic index as listed by the American Diabetes Association, such as dark leafy greens, sweet potatoes, berries and citrus fruits.