Changes in Lifestyle Can Reduce Dependence on Statins


Before patients and doctors start a medication regimen, one likely question is whether statins-based medications are really necessary. Often, natural treatments receive unfair criticism from health professionals, but unfortunately it can be daunting to find accurate information on alternative treatments. There are many non-credible sources of information out there and they often represent themselves to create fear and anxiety. Regardless of what the new cholesterol treatment guidelines say, statins are not the only way to address elevated cholesterol problems. We can easily bring cholesterol levels into an ideal range without involving any medications; although people with real risk for stroke and heart attack still need to undergo drug-based treatments.

And with all the talk about different drug efficacy trials and cholesterol medications in the news, patients could be wondering whether they need to choose alternative treatments instead. It’s really important for them to start with valid and accurate information, but results from cholesterol studies can be misleading.

In many cases, statins can be very beneficial, especially when people can’t afford to make significant lifestyle changes. However, statins are not the only way to cure problems caused by elevated levels of bad cholesterol. Real changes in our lifestyle can be a really meaningful way to achieve health goals. What people should realize is that advantages of taking statin drugs can be somewhat exaggerated.

Some experts said that instead of relying more on statin drugs, people should focus on healthier, cardiac diet. It would be beneficial for people with elevated cholesterol levels to reduce fat intakes from lamb, pork and beef, as well as controlling how much carbohydrate they consume each day. It’s more advisable to eat organic, locally-grown, fresh vegetables and fruits, while being physically active and socially more involved.

Treatments for elevated cholesterol levels don’t always emphasize on strenuous exercise regimes. Rather people should remain active with things that they love to do. As an example, they can choose the more active fly fishing technique instead sitting at the bank of the river while drinking cans of beer and eating snacks. Gardening and walking are two daily activities that can keep people stay active. Surely, exercising three to five days a week would be a great thing to do. So if people want to go to the gym, they may continue to do so. Exercises are always beneficial in most treatments and they can prevent other diseases while enhancing our emotional well-being.