Billionaire donates $1 billion to stem cell research


Billionaire T Denny Sanford forks over $1 billion for stem cell research


Billionaire T. Denny Sanford sure puts his money where his mouth is and in this case he’s donated $1 billion to stem cell research. He made his fortune by owning creditor companies and is noted for making huge donations to medical research. The San Diego research facility that will receive the funds will get increments based on the steps taken to get to clinical trials. Sanford really believes that stem cell treatments are the future of medicine and he’s not alone there. Countries around the world are boasting of the most miraculous cures such as heart disease, wounds from war, growing new fingers and other organs. Sanford has seen the writing on the wall and knows his money is going to be well placed.


For a huge philanthropist like him to fork over money for research means it puts a damper on the naysayers who have tried to stonewall the development of stem cell research. With a boost like this stem cell researchers can try to get the upper hand on stem cell treatments and beat the foreign countries that are now years ahead of the U.S. Due to the controversy surround stem cells. In the past researchers emphasized embryonic stem cells that would be gleaned from frozen embryos thus killing them. That brought in protests and restrictions were put on embryonic stem cell research. Then researchers found out that embryonic stem cells can cause cancers but proponents wouldn’t face that fact. Now they need to destroy the embryo is not needed but with the growing evidence that embryonic stem cells are useless and dangerous the money is harvested and applied. Now going to adult or repair stem cells. Stem cells already in the body and easily used to treat various illnesses already.


Sanford is setting an example of a wealthy man who believes in what he puts his money into. He says he’s going to give all his money away at some point and that makes people shake their heads. However the money donated will lead to the hiring of dozens of top scientists in the field and their assistants, materials, legals, and more. This will give science a chance against the big corporations who try to dominate or stonewall markets.


This news of such a mega generous offering has been sure to send reverberating shock waves for years to come and one can only imagine what treatments and cures will emerge from it all.