Everyone wants to stay fit and live a healthy lifestyle. HIIT or High-intensity interval training and aerobics are popular workout styles of 2020. HIIT is a high-intensity workout plan to keep fit and lose weight. Aerobics is all about your breathing interval and the energy required to pump oxygen to your body. You can sustain one move for a few minutes only.

Aerobics is a simple exercise plan that can help you achieve realistic goals; you can perform aerobics with or without special equipment. In HIIT, it is necessary to take small breaks because of the workout intensity. The fitness pursuit in 2020 saw a dynamic change due to the pandemic; the viewership of online classes of personal training, Yoga, Recovery Boots, and all other forms hit a boom in a matter of months.

Here are a few points that will elaborate on the significant pros and cons of aerobics and HIIT:


Both cardio and HIIT have many benefits when you do it the right way. Aerobics improves the functionality of your brain by boosting your neuroplasticity. The health benefits of aerobics include improved sleep cycle, reduced risk of heart disease, and an active body. Similarly, people who train with HIIT reduce fat and keep their muscles healthy. You can do it anywhere, just like aerobics. Some of the HIIT exercises include aerobics but at a much faster speed. Aerobics is about simplicity and practicality. These machines improve the workout results; like the ski machine cardio gives you a real skiing experience to tone the body muscles. There is no specific cycle for aerobics and HIIT; it is a personal choice to set the time frame for your workout routine. If Your HIIT interval is low, it means you will work out double and take lesser breaks. Aerobics is about consistency and lung engagement. When you try a cardio position and move, you put all your strength in maintaining the right oxygen level in your heart. Aerobics is like meditation where you breathe in and hold it until you can; it can last over a minute. It helps reduce depression and cardiovascular disease.


Overdoing any exercise puts the muscles under pressure, and your body works double to repair them. The body needs time to rest and restore; ignoring this leaves you physically and mentally exhausted.  HIIT and aerobics workouts can make your body caloric-deficit and break your muscles. To see continual progress, everyone opts for their go-to exercise; attempting the same routine over and over again reduces your muscle mass. The same goes for HIIT; overtraining and wrong exercise positions can lead to injuries; switching exercising moves every day reduces sore muscles, and your body remains in an active state. HIIT can cause minor gastrointestinal distress; this happens when the body cannot bear exercise stress. The heart gets stronger in aerobics; in HIIT, intense workout puts extra load on the heart if you do not do it right.


HIIT has two forms one is aerobic HIIT, and the second is bodyweight HIIT. Both are intensive exercise routines. Tabata, CrossFit, and boot camp training are some of the famous HIIT exercises. When it comes to cardio elliptical, running, stair climbing, jumping rope, and kettlebells are practical exercises.


When it comes to practicality, aerobics or cardio is a good option. You can practice your cardio anywhere; the same goes for HIIT but if you are socially shy, then doing HIIT in public is not the right choice. Walking, running, biking, rowing, dancing, and climbing stairs are all part of cardio exercises. If you have limited time and want to take care of your fitness, then aerobics is an option. Whether you use machines for your cardio workout or do it manually, make sure you try different poses and moves. Sticking to one pose is less effective, and you can lose flexibility.


There is no difference in diet plans for these workout routines. You can change the food chart before, between, and after workout sessions but staying hydrates and taking lots of fluids remains the same for all exercises.


People who are pursuing business are making it easier for their clients to remain fit. They incorporate machines and manual exercises for maximum muscle strength, weight loss, and an active body. Aerobics and HIIT are famous workout routines; fitness and power is the aim of both ways. When it comes to comparison, HIIT is an intensive workout routine, whereas aerobics is simple, practical and requires less physical strength. You can use a machine to reach your cardio goals effectively. Consult your doctor before trying any of these workout routines if you have medical problems. Consistency is the key to have a fit body. Eat well and take the right supplements to support your body. Adequate food intake boosts your recovery time and keeps you healthy. Working out on an empty stomach can cause muscle loss and other significant issues. Monitor your sleep cycle to gain maximum results from aerobics and HIIT.


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