Advantages And Disadvantages Of Internal Recruitment


Internal recruitment is basically when one company will hire an already existing employee in order to fill vacancy. This is normally done with the use of recruitment software but many other options are available. There are many managers and executives in a large organization that will normally recruit employees this way because of the extra loyalty of the employees and a better understanding of the skills that exist. While this is an option that you will normally want to consider, there are both advantages and disadvantages that have to be considered. That is what we will talk about below, thanks to a conversation we had with Express Group about such recruitment.

Internal Recruitment Advantages

The recruiting agents will easily judge the applicants since the skills and performance levels were already evaluated in the past by the firm. The employees can also become more motivated in their career development aim. All people want career improvements so taking advantage of such opportunities is something that employees will be interested in.

Recruiting companies would end up with reduced time and costs when referring to job vacancy advertising, together with better training options since the vacancy notes can easily be put in locations where the employees can see them. Any notice can be put up on the website of the company, on notice boards or can simply be sent through emails.

In the event that there are no real promotional chances in a company, the employees will be tempted to leave. Through internal recruitment you manage to increase retention rate for the employees that are really good and that you do want around.

Internal Recruitment Disadvantages

Because of the fact that employees already demonstrated their ability and skills, you miss out on the opportunity of finding someone else with a different skills set. This can keep office productivity levels at medium levels instead of increasing them. Not all the employees will have the quality that you need when performing an organizational change. The employees that are internally hired are definitely less likely to end up contributing with new ideas, skills and approaches.

Obviously, as you recruit internally, there is a position that remains vacant. You would need to look for someone to fill that vacant position. It is usually quite tricky to deal with such vacancies and many make mistakes.

Because of the internal recruitment campaigns that you do, it is easy to end up creating friction and you can end up with disappointment. Some of the people that work for you may end up feeling envy as they think they are not valued by the firm. Unsatisfied employees can easily create problems inside a company and productivity can be reduced.


You need to be extremely careful when you hire someone internally or when you use recruitment software programs. The organization needs to always consider both the disadvantages and the advantages of any business decision that is made. In some cases, hiring someone internally is a very good idea while in others, finding someone that never heard about your company may be a lot better.