A Guide To Help You Choose The Best Kitchen Cabinets


Kitchen cabinets are the biggest investment of a kitchen. They can make or ruin the style and functionality of your kitchen. Read on to find out what you need to focus on, so that you can choose the best cabinets.

One of the most crucial factors of your kitchen design is the cabinet doors. These cabinet doors are not only the most visible element, but also an expensive aspect of your kitchen design. Have a close look at a few popular styles and find out which one will suit your budget and your home interiors.

Different Styles of Kitchen Cabinet Doors:

  • Shaker is the most common as well as the classy style of cabinet doors widely available nowadays. They fit in any budget, as Shaker cabinet doors are available in different types of wood.
  • Louvered cabinet doors have gained popularity lately. They have horizontal louvers for proper ventilation. These are great for windows and doors too.
  • Flat is said to be the simple and yet stylish. Its minimal form and hard lines make it a great fit for modern as well as contemporary interiors.
  • Inset has a classy look that lasts for generations, but it tends to be the most expensive one in the market.
  • Distressed one is an ideal choice for those who have dreamt of having tradition styled kitchen.
  • Thermofoil doors are the most cost effective as well as durable ones available today. They generally come in solid colors.

Things you need to Focus on:

There are a lot of things that you need to focus on while choosing cabinets.

Material is one of the primary factors that you need to consider before choosing cabinets. Solid wood is the most popular choice when it comes to classy design. Today, other than wood, materials like stainless steel, metal, thermofoil and melamine are also easily available.

The door mount also plays a very vital role in the process of choosing a kitchen cabinet. Many mounting options are available these days, and the most common of them is an overlay. In this option the doors placed on the cabinet case generally covers allows face frame to be noticed around the doors, fully overlaying the mounting sticks doors and hiding the cabinet case at the back.

Hardware has a great impact on the final look of the cabinets. It can make them look great or ruin its design. It makes them look more traditional as well as contemporary. Whatever may be the door style, choosing appropriate drawer pulls and knobs can make a great difference in the overall appearance of the cabinets.

When it comes to choosing colors for the kitchen cabinets, solid wood is the mostly preferred choice for many people. Pastel and bold shades are also gaining popularity nowadays. You can find information about kitchen cabinets in Chandler companies on the internet. There are many manufacturers and suppliers who market and sell their products over the internet. You could also choose to customize their readymade designs.