5 Tips For Renting A Yacht


Are you planning to sail around Croatia and visit different islands for a thrilling experience? Renting a yacht is always a great idea. It is however important to understand a few factors which you should consider in order to enjoy quality time on the sea, whether you are sailing alone or in a group. Investing some money in a yacht is a great opportunity to spice up your vacation and experience something different away from the dry land. Below are some valuable tips to consider when renting a yacht for your island hopping in Croatia…

5 Tips for Renting a Yacht

Consider the Size:

It is important to choose your yacht prudently based on the number of people intending to sail with you. This is because space is of very important when sailing as it allows you to move around freely and have room to enjoy the trip throughout. Additionally, the size of the yacht you hire will be a factor to consider when it comes to the cost. There are two types of yachts to consider and this plays a role in the determination of the size. First, there is a bareboat yacht which allows you to sail alone without any crew and staff members. This will be an ideal choice for you if you know how to sail a yacht and therefore doesn’t need to be too big if you are sailing alone or as a couple. On the other hand, it will be advisable to choose a bigger one if at all you are sailing as a family or in a group. The other option to consider will be a crewed yacht which comes with crew members and other facilitators.

Facilities and Features:

Yachts come with different features, and this is something you will need to consider. Some are luxurious and have different features and facilities such as air conditioning, refrigerators, cooking crew, luxurious cooking space and appliances or music entertainment among other things. Others are “simple” and have limited features something you should consider especially if you do not need some of them. Remember, the features available will play a major role in price consideration.

5 Tips For Renting A Yacht


The cost of yacht rental will definitely play a vital role during your consideration. You can choose different types of yachts depending with your budget, but always remember that this too will be influenced by a number of factors. One, the number of hours and the distance you intent to sail the yacht will be instrumental in determining the budget. For this reason, it will be good to look at different available offers and see what best suits your needs.

Your Destination or Trip:

With all the islands in Croatia, it will be good to choose a yacht with your destination in mind. In case you want to venture into the deeper waters, it will be good to consider a vessel that is purposely designed for such excursions as this will guarantee you safety and complete adventure. On the other hand, some yachts are ideal for shallow trips and these might not be too expensive and complicated. Depending with your exploration needs, consider your destination during your yacht rental.

Rental Duration:

How long do you intend to have the yacht in the waterways? This is another important factor to consider especially because it also plays an important role to the overall travelling budget. It is an important factor during peak and off-peak seasons and you will need to check out with the rental company to confirm the availability of their vessels.

In conclusion, it is better to book your yacht in advance. This will help avoid any disappointments especially when yachts are on high demand. As part of your vacation, consider making an advance booking to help you with adequate planning time.


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