5 Best Total Body Workouts for Busy Business Professionals


5 Best Total Body Workouts For Busy Business ProfessionalsTime can be one of the biggest culprits hindering a sustained workout regime. Life seems to never slow and many people never get beyond the basics of fitness.

However, the evolving industry has given the busy professional options not afforded in the past. These exercise routines are intense, convenient and can be done anywhere. The following are some of the top workout routines for busy professionals.


The T-25 workout is led by personal trainer, Shaun T. He takes the student through a series of functional exercise movements designed to work the entire body in 25 minutes. He incorporates squats, plyometrics, balance, speed and agility training throughout the session. He also provides exercise modifications for the beginner and teaches progression.



P90X is the creation of Tony Horton and is one of the most popular exercise routines in recent years. This extremely successful series features a variety of DVD’s that teach yoga, basic martial arts and stretching techniques. It also incorporates light weightlifting and cardiovascular exercise. Each routine is approximately 1 hour. However, routines can be broken down into 30 minute segments in the interest of time.


The Herschel Walker Workout

Herschel Walker is an ex-NFL player who won the Heisman Trophy in the early 80’s. Many were surprised when he announced that he built his impressive physique without ever lifting weights. His exercise routine consists of varying pushups, abdominal crunches, pull-ups and sprint drills. This is a routine that he still incorporates on a daily basis. While no business professional is expected to implement an exercise routine on par with an ex-NFL player, he or she can still benefit from using the simple movements in a progressive fashion.


The 300 Workout

This fitness routine was created after the impressive physiques from the movie of the same name paraded across screens throughout the country. The routine consists of plyometric training, pushups, pullups and light weightlifting. The movements are designed to be completed in 300 repetition groups in about 20 to 30 minutes. It is very intense. Numbers can be modified for the beginner.


Jillian Michaels: 30 Day Shred

The popularity of Jillian Michaels has spawned fitness equipment, clothing and a host of exercise DVD’s. Thirty Day Shred is a “bootcamp” style exercise routine. It can be done at home or on the road. It is designed for the intermediate to advanced student. The DVD is more than one hour long but can be broken down into more manageable segments. The program is designed to train the entire body with a series of movements that incorporate strength, endurance, balance and coordination.


Each of the aforementioned programs recognizes the human body as one of the most effective tools for resistance training. It is nature’s gym and can be used everywhere we go. Check out Ideal Shape.com for additional tips and nutritional strategies to get the most out of your fitness routine and eating program.