4 Ways To Add Letters To Your Home


These days, letters are popular in home decoration. Especially in children’s room, some people turn the baby’s name into sentimental nursery wall decals. If you run out of ideas of decorating the space, why not try the letters! With the decoration of the letters, the wall will add a literal feeling for the space. Here are some ways to add letters.

1. Display the Names on the Wall

Displaying your baby’s name on the wall is a great idea. For one reason, you do not tell the name of your babies to the guest over and over, they can know that as long as they pay attention to the wall. For another, it is a good way to let the baby know that who he or she is. There are many ways to decorate them. You may hang letters in the air or stick them on the wall with different color. Or you may create a canvas for each letter and stick them horizontally or vertically on the wall. Or, you might as well create a string with crafty to hang the letters.

2. Form Quotes and Sayings on the Wall

Using wall letters to form words, sayings and quotes can add wisdom to your home. It not only can be regarded as your motto or reminds, but also show people what you are thinking in that period. You can line up letters to form the sentences, which is the most common ways. Or you may disorderly put them in different places and let the guest to guess.

3. Uses Letters as Decorative Accessories

Wall letter is a good decorative accessory. It not only shows people a guess psychology for why use those letters, but also make the space unique from others. Letters can be applied at many places. You can put them side the desk wall. Or place them on a shelf leaning the wall. Even you can put them on the background wall at the head of the bed. As long as you want to place them, everywhere is ok.

4. Create a Wall Art by Letters

This idea is a little bit quirky. It seems belongs to the young people who has something to do with the art. In fact, every home is suitable for applying this idea. The chipboard letters are often used for the wall art. Nothing is impossible as long as it looks great. There is no limitation of your imagination for interior home  decoration. The wall art can shows you different home and different you.

Applying letters in home is a creative and practical as well as cost effective way to decorate your home. You may use them to tell people something or decorate the home. Use your imagination to design a satisfying home. Click here to find everything about the nursery wall decals and more.


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