4 Troubleshooting Tips for Garage Door Problems


Garages are a useful place to store your car and belongings. They protect your vehicles from the harsh elements and give you peace of mind when you arrive home alone in the dark. If your home has a garage, chances are you use it frequently.With frequent use, your garage door can start to experience some common issues. Here are four troubleshooting tips if you are having a problem opening or closing your garage.

Door Opener Engages but it Won’t Close

If you hear your garage door opener engaging but the door won’t actually close, you could be experiencing an issue with your safety sensors. First, check to make sure that nothing has fallen in between your garage door sensors. Sometimes items you’ve stored in your garage can topple over and block the sensors, causing the door to remain open. If there is nothing in the path of the safety sensors, both lights should be off. But if you notice a light on, there may be something blocking the senor or a problem with a sensor itself.

Remote Won’t Work

When you left for work, the remote was working fine. But when you arrived at home, you pressed the button and nothing happened. Sometimes fixing your remote is as simple as changing its batteries, and other times you may need to purchase a new remote. Test the batteries first, and if changing them doesn’t make a difference, contact a garage door specialist or a local hardware store to see if they have a replacement control for your unit.

Door Goes Back up After Closing

You click the button after pulling your car into the garage, and the door begins to close. Upon hitting the ground, it opens again. You try one more time, and the same thing happens. If your garage door is opening up automatically after it closes fully, it could be an issue with your garage door limit switch. Most limit switches are located along the garage door track, and can be manually adjusted by using a few simple tools. Since the process for adjusting your limit switches varies based on which type of opener you have, check in the unit manual to determine how to adjust your limit switches.

Door Won’t Shut all the Way

The most likely cause for a garage door not shutting all the way is also the limit switch. Sometimes all it takes is a simple adjustment to this switch for your garage door to operate normally again. Take a look at the manual for your opener to determine how to best address this particular issue. The process of repairing is usually relatively easy.

Homeowners that use their garages frequently encounter problems with the doors from time to time. Luckily, many issues can be solved with some simple troubleshooting. If you are experiencing issues with your garage doors, one of these common problems could be the root cause. For more information about garage door repair or replacement, visit the Overhead Door Company of Colorado Springs.