3 Most Common Myths Related to Mental Illness


Do you know that every 1 among 5 humans could suffer from some kind of mental or psychiatric disorders? The more painful fact is that more than 5% of the sufferers could have the condition throughout their lives. Unfortunately, in our society having some kind of mental illnesses is considered as an extremely shameful fact and that’s why most of the sufferers avoid consulting psychologist, psychiatrist or psychotherapist. It is somewhat important to know that very simple symptoms can turn into the worse conditions if not treated in time and therefore, one must visit a psychiatrist just in case experiencing anxiety, depression, restlessness, emptiness etc.


There are myths everywhere which often make it even more difficult to find a timely solution of a problem and ignoring a quick solution could often make your condition even worse. Some of the most common myths related to mental illnesses are as follow:


Myth # 1: We Don’t Need to Treat Mental Illness Because It is Not Like an Existent Illness


Majority of the people are under the wrong impression that the mental illnesses are all about mental disorders and thus they are not kind of real diseases and need no proper treatment. This myth plays a horrible role in making mental condition worse because the sufferers don’t take it seriously and the condition becomes severe every next day. We must realize that LIKE any other health problem such as a broken arm or chronic headache, mental disorders need proper treatment.


Myth # 2: There Are Very Few Who Could Get Affected with Some Kind of Mental Disorders So There is No Need to Worry About It


When we say every 1 of 5 could become a sufferer of a mental disorder, we pretend to be dead sure that we will not be That One. But everyone needs to realize that he or she can be that One Among Five. Here it is quite important to keep in mind that the mental illnesses are not limited to some specific part of the world, culture or nation but they could affect anyone regardless of creed, income, education, age or even matrimonial status.


Myth # 3: Mental Illnesses Are Just Individual’s Weakness and Nothing More Than This


If you have flaws in your character, you might have to face problems in making the right moves, taking the right action or even having successful social interactions with the people. All such problems could affect your personality but yet they are not strong enough to stop you working efficiently in life. On contrary to personal weaknesses, mental disorders could get great impact in the way you think, behave or express your emotions.




One must realize that mental illnesses are REAL and they must be treated like real diseases because they become even worse. If you are experiencing some kind of problems in your life such as stress, depression, aggression, anger, sadness, etc, you must pay a visit to a psychologist, psychiatrist or psychotherapist who could closely observe your condition or suggest you the best treatment option. Get More Information at Assignmentbox